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    Mimi - From gutters to glory

    by The Mirror
    posted Sunday, 04 April 2010 15:01| 0 Comments

    When she entered the big brother contest in 2008, Wilhelmina Abu-Andani known in showbiz circles as Mimi Divalish had one motive – to use the fame she would get out of her participation to launch her music career.

    So in less than three weeks after she was evicted from the house, she released her hit single - Leave Me Alone featuring 4X4.

    “I had always wanted to be in showbiz. Music and acting were my options. But looking at the struggle people have to go through before releasing an album, I realised I needed a platform to launch me onto the music scene and that was Big Brother” she told The mirror in an interview.

    Mimi said she auditioned for Big Brother Africa because she was a big fan of reality shows and wanted to have a feel of it.

    Like a fairy tale, although she did not win the ultimate Big Brother prize and received some flak at home about her performance in the house, her musical ambition is paying off and she is one of the fastest growing secular musicians.

    And she has a tattoo (ice stars) on the left side of her chest which she says signifies that she is going to be a “huge star”.

    Why the name “Mimi Divalish”? Mimi explained that while in the Big Brother house, her fellow housemates referred to her as “Mimilicious Divalicious” because they claimed she acted like a diva.

    “I chose Mimi Divalish as my stage name because I felt it was too cocky”. She added. After releasing “Leave me Alone” which was written by Chase, Mimi followed it with “Tattoo” written by Castro the Destroyer and “DJ” also penned by Chase in 2009 and her album titled “Music In Me” has six tracks.

    The music videos or her first three songs have been described as “very good” and Mimi agrees: “My videos are the best. We had very good production from Phamous People. “DJ” was shot in Berlin, Germany. Everyone says all three videos are good.”

    Mimi, who is in her mid 20s says she has written her own songs which will be released soon. Her inspiration comes from everything around her and her desire to be very successful in her chosen field.

    Although she is versatile and does different genres of music, Mimi says she classifies her music under hiplife. She looks up to Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Lhiza James of Mozambique.

    “Their success stories fascinate me. I’ve  been listening to them since I was a kid and their rise to fame and continuous success inspires me”, she said.


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