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    The highest selling contemporary highlife musician - Ofori Amponsah

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 26 April 2010 10:52| 0 Comments

    Ofori claims that his personal mentor is his father because he learnt so much from him which has now become of great use to him in life. In his musical life, Daddy Lumba is his mentor and a second father to him as well.

    Born to Mr. John Kojo Ofori and Madam Georgina Nkansah on 2nd March 1974 at Agogo in the Ashanti Region, Ofori Amponsah, popularly know as All 4 Real was a clever and inquisitive kid. At a tender age of five (5), he compelled his mother to enroll him in school even though he had not reached the age of requirement.

    His mum, a trained teacher felt her son would be a poet in the near future – and was not surprise when Ofori caught the funky fever by being rebellious and running from school in the early 80s just to watch video clips of Michael Jackson, Madonna and the Commodores. Ofori was often seen practicing break- dance and singing some top hits of Michael Jackson.

    Ten years after Ofori’s birth, when the economic condition of the country had become tough, the family moved to a village called Kowireso in the Asante-Akyem District and that was where Ofori’s musical prowess started manifesting after meeting Marcus, a Rastafarian mentor who taught him the fundamentals in music and also advised him to pursue General Arts in Secondary school.

    Ofori Amponsah enrolled in secondary school at age thirteen (13) and earned the accolade ‘library boy” by his colleagues because he was always found studying literature in the library. He turned out to be one of the best literature students and that gained him admission into school as a sixth former.

    His hobbies back then in school were reading and listening to stories. Presently his hobbies are going to the studio to record his songs and watching television especially history channels.

    In secondary school lower six, Ofori recorded most of his poetry songs like ‘Jane’ and ‘Odo Mra Fie’, but it was difficult getting a music producer so he opted to see Daddy Lumba, one of the best musicians in Ghana who collaborated with Ofori to record an album – but that failed due to what he described as ‘bad luck’ because Ofori tried on several occasions to bring the album out but with much difficulty.

    It was at this point in time that Ofori translated a poem into the song “Anti Ataa” one of the songs that became an instant hit in Ghana and Europe after Daddy Lumba featured him on his “Wo Ho Kyere” album in 1993. It was this same year that he was dismissed from his first term of Upper Six from school for skipping classes and sent into oblivion for six years.

    Mr. All 4 Real, aside his passion and love for music has passion for children who are homeless and in need. He says he feels very bad when he sees these children and so visits them in the orphanage. He says “I plan to raise funds to help these children very soon.”

    Ofori Amponsah is married with a wife and four (4) lovely kids, two strong boys and two beautiful girls. As an Ashanti his best food is as usual, the local fufu and light soup and sometimes rice.

    Currently he is one of Ghana’s highest selling musicians after rising through the storms of life. His album “Odwo” became an instant hit and is blazed the airwaves nationwide.

    His current album, "Ahifro Ntefre" is also not doing quite bad with 'Mrs Forwaa' and has planned to release more singles.

    He is the CEO of  All4Real Records and been influential in the music lifes of Kofi Nti, Kofi Bee, Barosky, King Chorus and Richie Rich.

    His favourite sporting activities are running and playing football. And his favorite car is BMW X5 which he has been driving over five years now.

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