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    Wanlov, an inspiration to the younger generation

    by Frank Gyimah, africanPromo.com
    posted Tuesday, 29 June 2010 11:49| 0 Comments

    Creative, exciting and dynamic are a few of the characteristics hiplifer, Wanlov the Kubolor, is widely known for. Others not so fond of him have described him as weird, crazy, unserious and even a joker.

    However, there’s one thing for sure thus when tasked with the responsibility to entertain, he executes it so well. Showbiz in Ghana has gone through lots of metamorphoses and this demands that each entertainer steps up his game or be dropped out of the race.

    If being a crowd puller in showbiz signifies success then Kubolor might have achieved this.

    Typically noted for his dreadlocks, wrapper and bare footedness, Kubolor’s delivery is so intriguing. His somewhat funny way of presenting very practical and serious issues is well noted.

    He seems to have taken branding as very delicate and has carved a niche for himself to the extent that he’s always outstanding and can be spotted from a lot.

    Ironically, he’s more famous for his frankness in public utterances than maybe his music profession. This not withstanding, he’s turned out very successful hit tracks like Konkonsa, Green card and a host of others.

    He recently co-produced and starred in the first ever pijin musical “Cos Ov Moni”. Interestingly, the famous performer has managed to get lots of international eyes keenly following his career than his homeland Ghana.

    With the exposure he’s gained, he is yet to receive a major award and most people are very certain the musician doesn’t even see that as a priority or inspiration.

    This is because his inspiration is powered by his passionate composure towards music. He started his musical journey his early days in high school by imitating the likes of Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dog. Later, he realized it was a waste of time since these people he was coping were doing something they created on their own.

    Kuborlor resorted to a genre of music he could relate to so easily thus by talking over beat that would make him comfortable and it seems the result has turned out great.

    The entertainer was born in Romania but has spent almost all his life in Ghana as well as paying periodic visits to the States. The candid opinion from critics depicts that Ghanaians are acting the “prophet is not respected in his own home” phenomenon and have suggested his homeland rally behind him.

    Being very typical of Wanlov Kubolor, he seems not to care about the “bring him down” folks and has rather got his head stuck in what he does best - music.

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