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    ReeZon – a Hip Life/Hip-pop/Rap musician based in USA

    by Roger A. Agana, ModernGhana.com
    posted Thursday, 22 July 2010 13:35| 3 Comments

    Ghana is indeed a proud nation not only because of its football talents but also because of her rich youthful talents in the music world. Perhaps you might have seen or heard him over the airwaves in Ghana and in the USA.

    Here in an interview with him on modernghana.com you will get to know him much more and his work.

    Who is ReeZon?
    ReeZon is Ghanaian born Hip life/Hip-hop/Rap artist from Ghana based in United States.

    Raised in Ghana, he then moved to the states to further his education. But his passion for music became stronger with music and entertainment.

    A very humble and respectful young man with the dream of helping Ghana catch up with the world in terms of entertainment with one album and two mix tapes.

    His album “I am the ReeZon” dropped online this year with limited physical copies and the mix tapes were Troski Mix tape and Brigding the Gap. His music can be enjoyed by all as he sings in a combination of pidgin, Twi, English, Ga, and Ewe.

    He continued to say; that, his mood sometimes determines the type of song he writes not only for his Ghanaian funs but also for those in the Diaspora.

    I have come to realize that, hip life/hip-hop music in Ghana has a bright future but it seems like more Americans and Asians are adopting to my music so I will be selling across borders soon.

    He explained his point further; there are different genres of music in the world and each one of them has its own core and place when it comes to music entertainment. You have Reggae, Reggae ton, country, techno, pop, hip-hop/Rap.

    Ghana's Hip life fits perfectly in there because; you can actually feel it's difference and greatness because people of all races tend to dance to hip life tunes without knowing what the words mean nor the message is conveying across. It is simply catchy and it sounds good.

    Our setback in the industry is that it is not well known around the world and we don't have a good means of promoting and marketing our products.

    I was playing R2Bees in my car once and a Caucasian lady stopped me and told me how much she loved the sound. She couldn't help it but danced happily to the song.

    With the new age in technology and communication backed by the internet, our work as musicians has been made easier and we have to take the opportunity to boost our Hip life genre to the world. This however, is what my company Rych Entertainment has set out to do.

    This young man certainly sounds like a businessman. Yes! I am not only a musician but also a businessman. I have to be both in order to make it, he said. Adding that; his album 'I am the ReeZon' 2.0 will be his last album in order to focus on music/Entertainment business in Africa.

    Modernghana.com asked this gentleman if he has any prospects of entering into movie production or acting. This was what he had to say; I'm not sure about acting but I'm most definitely going into the movie business as well. I'm already in talks with a great team of directors/producers to come up with Ghana's first blockbuster.

    ReeZon's mentor(s) is his own Uncle No Name The CEO of Macdan Shipping. He's my go to person in terms of business and in the music business it's Reggie Rockstone and Julz of Julzmedia.

    He is currently working on his new album to be launched here in Ghana in December at Reggie Rockstone's 'Office'. The album will consist of 10 songs with two bonus tracks, five (5) hip life and hip-hop/rap.

    Richard Sowah might retire from releasing albums but you will most definitively hear Reezon on mix tapes with featured artists and will be Ghost writing as well.

    My message to my lovely fans out there; I want them to know that I'm doing this for them and for Africa as a continent. I need all the support I can get so we can be great together. I wouldn't stop until the casket drops. I'll do my best to bring global worthy entertainment and product for their enjoyment. Please support Ghanaian artists cause that's the only way we get better otherwise we will be chasing our tail forever our future is in our hands let's grab it and be great.

    I will like to mentions a few people who have been instrumental to my accomplishments so far. Kojo Baffoe, Julz, #fufugang on twitter, DJ Bonsu, DJ SamQ, DJblack, Team_Chase and Rych Entertainment team.

    Be sure to join Richard in the launching of his official website www.iamthereezon.com and his fan club to receive weekly updates on ReeZon.

    Ladies make your applications ready by December for the bachelor musician.


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