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    Knii Lante: The medical doctor behind the microphone

    by Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr., ghanacelebrities.com
    posted Tuesday, 27 July 2010 13:28| 0 Comments

    Some people enter into the Ghana Music Industry when they are not excelling in their chosen fields, therefore making music their second choice. This makes it amazing why a successful doctor would want to move to singing. Watch Lagos To Vienna by Knii Lante feat. Leboo

    A medical doctor, we know should be in the hospital, to do surgery and prescribe medication. But this doctor is combining the two, doing the surgery, prescribing the medications as well as doing his things behind the microphone. Listen to Hips In Sway by Knii Lante featuring Sway

    Those of you who are fans of the late Michael Dwamena would know who am talking about. He was featured on the Ngozi track by the late high life musician.

    Lest I forget, he added his voice on Blakk Rasta’s ‘Barrack Obama’ song. He is about release his maiden album “Love and Revolution”.  The video of “From Lagos to Vienna” is already out there on various Tv channels in Ghana.

    Who is the Doctor behind the microphone ? … He is called KNii Lante, a songwriter – musician from the West Coast of Africa. Born in Ghana, West Africa and still living in Ghana. He is a doctor at SSNIT hospital at Osu.

    GhanaCelebrities.com had a chit chat with the doctor turned musician who  started recording in the 90’s and actually attempted an independent album release around that time. He studied music and played some instruments.

    “Yes, I did study some music earlier on but now I no longer read to play. I now do stuff mainly from heart but I guess I still use the basic at subconscious level. I hope to revisit those

    So what brought a medical doctor into the music industry? The fair handsome looking doctor said “I got into music composition while in school (encouraged by Narteh Azu) but actually got into recording later”.

    Nii draws inspiration from the achievements of great artists of the past as well as those of our times. Aside that, he is inspired by love, sorrow, happiness, personal experiences and even current world events.

    Answering question about his first experience as a musician, KNii said.

    “My first attempt at being a musician was when as a child I would get together with some friends in the neighbourhood and bang on empty cans and boxes pretending to be playing live band music. We actually formed a “band” and became the number one “noise polluters” on our street as we would “disturb” neighbours’ ‘to ras’”

    “A lot of times I would be the “lead vocalist” and would “sing” the popular songs on radio”. He did this “albeit with my own forged lyrics because I hardly really knew the songs well. I remember rushing home from school everyday just to be on the show men! It was fun! But I think these laid the real foundations for my passion for music”.

    Many people get into singing because of the fame and the money; for KNii “I sing because I guess I just love singing. And really, ain”t there “So much things to say” (as Bob Marley once put it)?”.

    Why is the Doctor on the microphone now? And why singing?  KNii said “Thinking about it, I’ve always been on a mic of some sort. After the entire stethoscope is a mic – for the heart – not so??I’m only trying to give a fuller expression to my life”.

    “Well I play a few instruments too but I guess for now my voice is the instrument I use best. The communication is much better”.

    “The album is titled “Love and Revolution”.  Diverse in content as the name suggests, it was recorded here in Ghana. There are, in all, about 16 songs on the CD all written by yours truly and is soon to be released locally under the Deluge Music Label. “Lagos To Vienna” is a song on the album, the video of which is being aired on some of the local TV channels”.

    To wrap up the interview Knii Lante said “I don’t even know where to start from. But I take most inspiration from Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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