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    Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Actor: The many faces of Mister M3NSA

    by colorfultimes.com
    posted Saturday, 09 October 2010 14:48| 0 Comments

    Named one of BBC’s Top 50 Ghanaians in Britain, and recipient of multiple accolades (KORA Awards, Ghana Music Awards and M-Net’s Channel O), M3NSA is better known as one of the most versatile artists in today’s music industry.

    The London-based Ghanaian artist discovered his passion for music in the church choir. A passion he began to pursue ardently when he made his first foray into the music business by forming The Lifeline Family, a short-lived hip-life band that released just one album.

    Following the demise of his band, M3NSA discovered a flair for producing great music that was soon recognized by Reggie Rockstone, founder of hip-life, Ghana’s innovative blend of highlife and hip-hop.

    He produced two hit tracks for Rockstone’s album Me Na Me Kae. Impressed by the incredible talent, Rockstone quickly enlisted young M3NSA to produce his fourth album, Last Show, which went on to receive critical and commercial acclaim.

    With the success of those songs, M3NSA became the go-to producer for laid back hip-life music and was sought after by the cream of international music’s finest.

    To date, he has worked with Wanlov The Kubolor, producing the big hit Kokonsa, and recorded with VIP, Obrafour, Tic Tac, Tinny, KK Fosu and Samini. However, M3NSA is not just an exceptional producer, but also a promising emcee and singer who is recognised worldwide.

    He has toured Europe with hip-hop legends like the Wu-Tang Clan and The Roots and worked with some of Africa’s heavy hitters such as Sway, Asa and Nneka.

    His versatility is what makes him one of the most sought after artists today.

    It is what inspired one of London’s most respected DJ/Producer Richy Pitch to recruit and feature M3NSA on 7 out of the 13 songs on his new LP Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch. This is an album Richy recorded in Ghana and London with Ghana’s most respected artists.

    This triple-threat, multi-faceted talent; singer, songwriter, and producer has again broken into another creative sphere – acting.

    M3NSA is currently promoting a film dubbed ‘COZ OV MONI’ -- the world’s first Pidgen musical, in which he stars with Wanlov the Kubolor as the super rap duo now known as F.O.K.N Bois.

    As a story about an eventful day in the lives of two friends living in the heart of Accra, it is hilarious, animated, inspiring, and controversial, with all dialogue and communication in verse and song! It definitely offers a much needed “new-ness” to the film/musical genre.

    COZ OV MONI has so far been accepted to the Rio International Film Festival (Brazil), Pan African Film Festival (Los Angeles), Black Filmmakers’ International Film Festival (London), Pan African Film Festival (Cannes), and Headliner Movie at African Weekender (Sussex). Way to go!


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