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    Welcome to the Matic world

    by Kouame Koulibaly, Graphic Showbiz
    posted Monday, 13 December 2010 21:23| 1 Comments

    He had so much material to choose for his "Permanent Stains" album that Trigmatic says he sought opinions from people on the street, his fan base on Facebook and friends in the music business to decide on which tracks to include on the 18-song album.

    Of the traacks that made it into collection released in mid-October, 'My Life' which had been out a little earlier as a single has been extremely well received. Also a favorite several people is 'My Jole'.

    I have over 32,000 hits on You Tube from all over the world for 'My Life' has had over 17,000 hits”, the confident Trigmatic said in a chat.” This tells you how people feel about my fresh, different style.”

    The Permanent Stain album has sealed Trigmatic’s position as the freshest voice of the moment and like an actual permanent stain, he said he is here to stay not to fade.

    Even before the album was released, his service had been sought by a long list of artistes including Reggie Rockstone, Tinny, Kwaw Kese, Sherifa, Efya and Quata as well as a host of others from the sub-region and beyond.

    What Trigmatic has been able to firmly establish so far is that he is a hip hop artiste ready to fuse the genre with his own take of Africa rhythms, reggae and R&B. Some already regard him as a definition of versatility in the business, a description he wholeheartedly accepts.

    “That’s how I see myself because I can fit into any style. I started with rap but when I sing, I do it well. Now the music is taking over me and is very difficult to control it now,” says the level 300 marketing student at Central University Collage.

    “When I do things things these days, I don’t limit my thinking to Ghana. I think worldwide”, he said.

    Trigmatic’s technique is to use English to cross the language barrier but still maintain elements of Ghanaian languages, especially Ga in his lyrics.

    He asserts that method, which was amply displayed on 'My Life' and it has helped liberate a lot of other young artistes who were not sure of which way to go with their lyrics.

    Though music started as a sort of hobby for the young man whose real name is Nana Yaw Oduro, it has become a strong pull on him and is currently learning to play the guitar to groom himself better as a musician.

    Some of them were ‘homies’ he has been working with regularly but hooking up with Coptic who produces 'Matic World' and 'My Girls' was a special delight.

    “Coptic brought the New York Bronx sort of feel on board. He Ghanaian and produce for the likes of Jay Z. He hit me up on the internet and said I was doing a great job. I had read about him but did not know he was from Ghana. He sent me eight beats and I selected two from them. He said I could put the songs on my album for free.”

    Right from his primary school days at Martin De Porres at Dansoman in Accra, Trigmatic knew he was cut out for something exciting in music. He performed at programs like Kiddafest and Playback and says the artiste made him fall in love with hip hop was the American rapper Eminem when he released his monumental Marshall Mathers album in 2000.

    “I respected his name. People who know how I stared know I used to rap Eminem. I picked up hi speed and style but now I’m my own man.”

    Since he is his own man, Trigmatic decided for himself to bring artistes he likes to feature on "Permanent Stains" and that was how Samini, Ayigbe Edem, Denise, Sarkodie, StoneBwuoy and Captain Planet came to be on the album.

    He says some of the tracks he considers as vital in the collection are 'Hope and Unity in Africa', songs about HIV/AIDS and continental unity respectively. They symbolize his desire to comment on matters affecting large society.

    The prolific young rapper is currently illustrating passion further with the Trig High School Tour on which he is visiting selected high schools across the country to motivate young people to go after their dreams.

    He has discovered that he loves and can do well and think he has no challengers on that front at the moment. “I don’t think I have any competition with regards to the way I rap or sing. No body can sound like me and I’m grateful to God for that,” he proudly says.

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