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    Stephanie Benson, a true Ashanti music royal

    by stephaniebenson.co.uk
    posted Sunday, 20 February 2011 16:15| 3 Comments

    Stephanie Benson was born and raised in her country home of Ghana and began studying the piano at the tender aged of 3. This early desire to play the piano was a direct result of her father playing the piano in the evenings before bedtime. At the age of 8, she was sent to the National Academy of Music, where she also learned to play the violin and cello.

    During these early years Stephanie developed and honed her musical craft until at 14, when she moved to London following the death of her father.

    Under the watchful eye of her uncle in London, Stephanie channeled her energies on the piano, playing, to the extent that she got a residency singing and playing the piano at one on London's famous nightclubs. It was during this period that Stephanie was spotted by Peter Waterman who signed her to his label PWL. With PWL Stephanie released her first recorded single 'Now is the Time,' which earned her a top 20 position on the UK dance charts. Stephanie began a promotional tour across Europe until the relationship with PWL came to an end.

    After this period Stephanie started developing her writing skills and began writing and collaborating with other writer/artists including the likes of Andy Hill (Bucks Fizz), Terry Britton (Tina Turner) Danny Schogger (Celine Dion), Wayne Vaughn (Earth Wind and Fire), Rob Davis (Kylie Minogue), and Stevie Wonder among others.

    It was during this period that Stephanie began focusing and developing her live performances, as a solo artist and with a full live band in support. Performing for many noted high-end clients and celebrities at prestigious and private events. She has on more than one occasion been invited by Britain's royal family and HRH Prince Charles, who, the first time he heard Stephanie perform, told her, "You are one of the most amazing performers I've ever seen".

    Stephanie is currently recording her album and is looking forward to sharing her new material with you very soon ...

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