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    Why Praye always rock

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 03 April 2009 13:16| 0 Comments

    They've transcended their vigilant roots and have become a nation phenomenon and if you are wondering who and what am talking about, it’s the ever-crazy and ever-confident, Praye.

    They get rave reviews, have good sales worldwide, are beneficiaries of Ghana Music Awards and other music awards and these guys always deliver unforgettable performances on every show they are on.

    The success of their latest hit – “Angelina” has kept the group touring around the African continent for some time now and landing big concerts in Ghana and Africa.  Watch Angelina by Praye.

    They have also been nominated in the "The Artiste of the Year", "Most Popular Song of the Year" (Angelina), "Hiplife / Hiphop Artiste(s) of the Year" and "Afro Pop Song of the Year" categories at the 2009 Ghana Music Awards.

    Praye has always impressed and dazzled African fans with the mic skills and their footwork which is evident in the “Angelina”  video and their live performances.

    Praye's first album, “Mfitiatse” with hit track ‘Shorty’ was a breakthrough, vaulting them to a level of success unparalleled by any other young hiplife group.

    Their lyrics are always fitted with loose rhymes, buoyant anthemic funk and a jovial live spirit.

    But if “Da Bomb” was being crowned their best, then “Roll Koll 2008”, their third will conquer them to the throne to become Kings of the Ghanaian music industry.  Some of their songs are “Medo Wo”, “Wodin (Your name)”, “Courage Brother”, “Wo Nkoa”, “Kooko Ase Krakye”, “Odo”, “Somebody Dey Carry My Wife”, etc. The album is released on Goals Multimedia Record label owned by Prince Tagoe of Black Stars.

    It is an album that further intensifies their passion for making music together, for connecting with their audience through the most fundamental ways: making people have a good time. It’s a belief that has stimulated the group since they became Praye three days to the Greater Accra Nescafe African Revelation contest in Ghana.

    They sailed through and made it to the final three of the Greater Accra edition. They became the first winners of the Nescafe African Revelation (Ghana) on 16th September, 2004 and later went onto to win the African edition. Within a year they won an award as the Best Group in West Africa at KORA Awards.

    In an interview with Ghana Music.com some years back, Praye Honeho (Eugene) explained why they choose the name Praye. "Well, we choose the name Praye because it means a broom and since a broom is a tool for sweeping, we are also here to sweep the social vices through our music", he said.

    Praye is made up of Eugene Baah aka Azorpete, Praye Honeho or now known as Choir master, Steven Fiawoo is known as Big J or Praye Tietia while Nana Kwame is known as Kente or Praye Tenten.

    Praye’s direction in music is clear and united so they have also taken a social responsibility of helping clean Ghana with Zoom Lion Ghana.

    Praye has the most viewed Ghanaian music video on the web currently. Their video Angelina has been viewed over 300,000 times on Ghana Music.com and over 200,000 times on YouTube at the time of this article.

    The unforgettable hook "Angelina kome to o, Kee ke shuperu ke salsa, Macarena ke mapouka, shigome shigome Angelina kome to o, Kee ke shuperu ke salsa…" is destined to keep the trio going till they spring up another bolt from the blue.


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