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    Tony Harmony, the evergreen music ambassador

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 16 December 2011 15:58| 0 Comments

    Tony Harmony was born as Anthony Akpovwovwo Harmony on April 18th in Sapele, Delta state Nigeria. When break dancing was at its peak in 1990, Tony was a performing member with a dance group in Delta State known as T-BIRDS, however Tony also pursued his football boy passion until other element caught up and took over as a turning point reflecting his musical ability before a combined effort in music with his friend SYLV-ROCK to form Ton-D’Sylv-Rock, in 1993.

    They had an album to their credit titled GET TO LOVE, which was produce by EMMA GREY based in Warri,  the debut group effort of two person's GET TO LOVE was an out busting hit across Niger – Delta.

    He moved to Benin City, Edo state, and went solo in 1995 with his unique divers style of music infusing African rhythms, Reggae, R&B into his music called Combination-Combine-Combine.

    He had the opportunity working with the legendary Sir Victor Owaifo as a backup vocalist both in studio and live concert in 2001, he scored a mild regional hit with his solo debut single SAMPLE ME; under the label Playful-Rhythms, a gospel inspiring song that went on to register his smothering presence on local radios and TV stations in Nigeria.

    In 2003, Tony Harmony relocated to Ghana where his career hit the roof with his electrifying performances on TV3 network music programs as star of the week. He has played a number of big shows couple with his beautiful collaborations with great showbiz celebrities in Ghana (K. K. Fosu, Samini - MOBO Award winner, Sammy B of Big Brother Africa fame, Ronny of Buk Bak, Triple M, and Edwin of Soul Black ).

    In 2005 Tony Harmony's 15 track album titled 69% BODY CHEMISTRY with the hit track GIVE ME LOVE and KPOR-KPOR (featuring MAUREEN HARMONY his baby sister) saw him establishing an over centered commendable enthusiasm within Africa.

    In June 2006 Tony Harmony drop the first single from his current album titled My Body, another successful smash hit. This elevated his carrier for international deal with Out-Here Records in Germany.

    'My Body' was released in February 2007, under Playful-Rhythms label.

    NowMuzik management in NIGERIA, and has sold over two million copies across Africa and beyond. My body ft, Triple M, female musical group trio based in Accra Ghana, had an impeachable  impart, as the most outstanding unique and peculiar hit in Nigeria. And got him relocated back to his fathers land and country called Nigeria a.ka NAIJA in 2008 as his present base where his career started.

    On the 20th of August 2009 Playful-Rhythms released TONY HARMONY'S new promo single track titled; PAIM ME featuring NIGGA RAW, from his up coming album COMBINATION-COMBINE-COMBINE, the album also featured two known Nigeria artistes from Niger Delta. KEFEE & ORIGINAL STEREOMAN on the track; BABA GOD. 27TH FEB 2011.

    He however commenced the recording in Ghana and finally completed mastering in Nigeria.  Tony has demonstrated consistency to crown the relevant chemistry between him as a musician and his rhythms / sound producer PHILTOWN. Who has been producing the unique creative beats to stand the reason for any season, satisfying music lovers around the world.

    TONY HARMONY has a strong commercial fan base influence across the globe, and to intimate his social humanitarian responsibility for mankind was the AFRICA UNITY project for peace campaign across the continent, acknowledging DR KWAME NKRUMAH as one of the leading founders of OAU.

    The video lyrical translations enables all Africans to comprehend the need for us in respective of our different countries to unite and execute ONE RACE, ONE VISION, ONE PEOPLE, NO VIOLENCE, EQUAL TO A PEACEFUL AFRICA.

    On the 4th of December 2010, Tony Harmony was credibly honored at (SSMA) South South Music Award, as an evergreen MUSIC AMBASSADOR due to his relevant consistency and contributions toward the growth of music in NIGERIA.

    TONY HARMONY'S new single HOLD YOUR BABY was produce by EPHRAIM, a Ghanaian sound engineer.

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