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    Scizo's "Rain Rain" breaks his long silence

    by Mantse AryeeQuaye
    posted Friday, 01 May 2009 15:08| 0 Comments

    Introduced to the world on the Last Two’s 2005 album ‘ Sounds of our Time’, La-born lyricist Scizo (pronounced Sizo) sets up his new forthcoming project with this head-nodding slice of heartfelt rap ‘Rain Rain’. Based around a sublime synth sample courtesy of producer Jayso, ‘Rain Rain’ finds verses speaking openly about damaged relationships and personal demons with sincerity and compassion.

    On one of the many small concerts he does around the capital, many hip hop heads can attest to Scizo’s knack for eerie sound textures and unusual syllabic delivery. Scizo has a way with his music-drawing on poignant feel-good tracks that has crowds cheering.

    The yet to be titled sophomore release from this Ga rap aficionado will set him apart from the existing lot and definitely cut through the dross mainstream radio is feeding the masses. This is the first time a Ghanaian hip hop act has put out a single for a yet to be released album. Most of the fans have followed him from his very beginnings, while others only heard his name from mixtapes and compilation albums over the years; the most famous being ‘Ke Shika Le Ni Egbo’.

    “The last two years have been a sort of spiritual trip for me, in 06’ I was dealing with a lot of issues and at some point everything just got blurred out. There are times when you need that baptism of fire as an artiste in order to move you act to the next level. The new album has a lot of my tales in there and people will relate to it because I speak about the same struggles the average guy on the street goes through”.

    In 2006 Scizo’s debut ‘Anything Can Happen’ caught a little buzz on radio before it got choked out by the payola menace. The video for the title track would have pushed him up some, but that too was not be as the label lost interest and shelved it. After a three year hiatus this Ga speaking Hip Hop kingpin his back to claim his spot in the pantheon of Ghanaian rap music.

    Genuine real talk. Roaring out of the speakers like a hundred-mile-an-hour sonic cyclone, this debut single from Scizo is destined to become one of those tracks DJs pull out of their box when they want to officially shut the club down.

    The new single ‘Rain Rain’ is warming up his scattered fan base and it is pretty clear from reactions that they are awaiting Scizo’s new album which is going to anything but ordinary. 

    Scizo, born Kwame Sogli is not necessarily new to the music scene because of his songwriting repertoire. Although many might not be as familiar with him as an artist, he certainly left an impression that has stuck and will prove to continue the ongoing appreciation of good Ghanaian hip hop and cross-over genres in the coming months.

    Combining a hybrid hip-hop and a bit of grime beat with epic samples and high-voltage performances from this emcee ‘Rain Rain’ can only really be described by one word - classic. Currently on his underground tour Scizo is at the point in his career where his name should be a household name; coming to a TV screen near you.

    The humble and conversational creative artist expressed a great deal of his character – it was indeed a great pleasure to speak with an artist who is deserving of said spotlight.


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