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    KgPM re-enter the music industry

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 12 February 2012 21:08| 0 Comments

    The name KgPM, a mouthful as it is, is simply two names put together - KGee and The PM (Prhyme Minister) - KgPM! A lot of people mistake it with the firm KPMG which is fair enough!!! KgPM is a Ghanaian 'hiplife' duo set up in a little neighbourhood in the city of Accra called Teshie-Nungua Estates in 1998.

    Their first album "Saa Na Wotiɛ" was released commercially on LowDown Records in 2001 and was critically acclaimed. The album which discovered the likes of KK Fosu and Choir Master (from the group Prayɛ), also featured Ghanaian American-based rapper Blitz and Obrafour. KGee and PM went on to study their separate University degrees and have since been caught up with career work.

    Apart from working as a Sales & Reservations Manager for a leading coach company in London, The PM is also one of London's biggest Ghanaian DJs at the moment, hosting a show twice a week on Rainbow Radio.

    KGee, who is the backbone of the group, lives in California, USA, and works as a Pshychiatric Nurse in one of California's largest hospitals. He was the brain behind the group known as Keche and managed them while they tried to find their feet.

    KgPM write their lyrics in Twi and in Pidgen English. The individual strengths of both languages, coalesced with sensible humour, good delivery, spot-on rhymes and a good choice of brilliant hip-hop & african-rhythm laden productions, made KgPM stand out especially at a time when hiplife was still a 'baby'.

    Fast-forward to 2012, and 11 years after releasing their debut album, this impressive duo is back in the studio slowly recording their 'comeback' album titled THE RE-ENTRY. The style they had a decade ago is what is now in-vogue so they should not find it difficult to fit in. After all, they were way ahead of their time! The album will feature the likes of Choir Master and Ayigbe Edem, Atumpan, Sammie Blacc and Obrafour.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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