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    Tagoe Sisters, 25 years and counting

    by pinnaclegh.com
    posted Monday, 08 June 2009 09:41| 0 Comments
    Twenty-five years after they hit the gospel trail, THE TAGOE SISTERS have not looked back, and they continue to share their experiences all over the world with people  who are affected by their music in different ways.

    Lydia Dedei Yawson nee Tagoe and Elizabeth Korkoi Tagoe were born to the late Hammond Ayikwei Tagoe of Korle-Wokon, a suburb of Accra and the late Madam Theresa Aidoo of Dunkwa-on-Offin in the Central Region on July 27, in the 60s.

    They had their education at the Alogboshie Primary and middle Schools, near Achimota in Accra. They continued to the YMCA to learn dressmaking but abandoned it to answer their call to music. Even though their parents were against their singing when showed a strong inclination towards that line, they were not dissuaded and joined the 'I am that I am' church choir.

    Together with Hannah Tsia Mensah, they became the 'I am Three Sisters' and were the great force behind the great 'I Am That I Am Church' touring the country in year long conventions. They did not only sing gospel songs but collaborated and supported musicians such as Felix Bell, Gemann, Sidiku Buari and other top Ivorian musicians.

    With the 'Advent Heralds' between 1982 and 1983, the twins performed during the Open Bible Crusade which toured the length and breadth of the country and came to be recognized as the first group or duo male and female rendering contemporary gospel music to the nation. The fact that they are Queens of contemporary gospel music is not in doubt. Through their godfather, Nana Ekumfi II, they met the late Reverend Amoako who became their spiritual leader in 1985.

    “Reverend Amoako pointed out to our godfather that we were talented and advised him that he should leave us in his hands.” Lydia said. They continued to attend crusades and conventions from the north to the south of the country with their godfather and the Resurrection Power Evangelistic Ministries.

    Lydia mentioned that in 1987, there was a program in London and Rev. Amoako took them  along. A year after  they came back, they released their first album titled 'Stay In My Heart', followed by 'Nyame Ye Kese' in 1990'. According to Elizabeth, in that same year when they were returning to Accra from a crusade in Takoradi, they had an accident which claimed the life of their spiritual leader Rev. Amoako. But they met Reverend Yawson at the 'Harvesters Evangelistic Ministries' All Pastors and Evangelist Conference (APRICON) and that set the twins on another course.

    He started writing their songs and two years later they came out with 'Yesu Be Ye Ama Wo', 'Manya Yesu' (1994), 'Anka Matete' (1996) and' Watua Maka'  (2000).

    Their exciting music has traveled all over the world transcending cultural and political barriers, leaving joy and inspirations wherever they performed. The two-part style of singing and the occasional injections of the two-part harmony has come to stay, and other gospel duos and trios have picked that style. According to the twins, God is using them to set people free from their troubles, sin, mending hearts, inspiring and encouraging people to believe in the Lord and, above all, reach out to the poor and needy, bringing them hope and closer to the Almighty.

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