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    The Lord stirs in Kenya

    by Nii Laryea Korley, Graphic Showbiz
    posted Thursday, 28 August 2008 16:39| 0 Comments
    Photo: Graphic ShowbizRapper Lord Kenya has always, in his usual fast-talking manner, expressed himself with sincerity but he assumes a sage-like presence these days when he talks of a new and more meaningful approach to life and how he has confronted grief in recent times by expressing it all through song.

    An evangelist who has undergone an intense spiritual awakening and more interested in a discourse on God and eternity is how the clean-shaven Rap Heavyweight comes across when he reflects these days on his ten years in music and his seventh album, God Dey, which is about to be released.

    “If it is not God, somebody should tell me who has kept me safe and alive all these years despite the tribulations and the unexpected things that happened to me. I lost my little daughter and I grieved so much but there have still been some moments of happiness for me,” says Kenya. “I’m testifying that against all the odds He makes me see the light and I know He can do the same for everyone else.”

    Many may perhaps find it curious that a personality like Lord Kenya is preaching such ideals with almost Biblical fervour. He, however, states that he has always been a God-fearing person and his faith keeps deepening all the time.

    “All along I thought I had the strength to carry on. I thought it was mainly me but as I moved on I realised more and more that it is God who has the authority to control everything. Now I understand that He has His own ways of shaping up His people to do what He wants them to do till the end of time so we have to just flow along with Him and thank Him for his mercies.”

    Kenya’s last album was titled Born Again and he claims God Dey is just an extension of his acknowledgement of God’s presence in his life.

    “I’m just trying to put God as the supremo. We all make music and name them anyhow. People say what you call it does not matter and all that but what matters most to me now is eternity. What matters is what happens to me when I’m no more on this earth. Why do I then have to put my hope in things that are not important for my salvation?”

    Lord Kenya’s mother died when he was a year old and there was a father he scarcely saw. “I don’t know my mum. My father was not there all the time but still, look at where God wanted me to be. I know there might be many people in situations like mine who had nobody there for them but they don’t have to rely on human beings because we are all going to die and each is accountable to the Maker.”

    There had been times over the last ten years when Kenya felt if he didn’t have music, he would probably not still be here. Music has been his life line and that is why he is exceedingly grateful to God for the endowment of his talent for the boldness to tell about His goodness.

    “If He did not love us, where would have come the love that we are giving out to others. Being blessed with seven albums in ten years is abundant grace.”

    Kenya’s first collection of songs, Sika, came out in 1998. He followed up with Sikaba in 1999. Songs on that brilliant album included Driver Susu Kwo, Obiaa Dika and Famekwo. That album won the Album of the Year trophy at the 2000 Ghana Music Awards. Yesom Sika, containing massive hits like Medo and Mr P.O.P. was released in 2002 and it topped the Megahits-Ghana chart for a record 34 weeks. Sika Po Nfa Niho came out in 2003.

    “I talked a lot on those albums about the negative influences of having money you cannot control. People have so much money and are worshipping it. Money is not everything. Also, if you have worked hard and the money is not coming, you do not have to resort to wrong means to get it.”

    The fifth album was Akansie Nie which was followed up with Born Again. Kenya says he was initially going to call it Champion but he changed the title to Born Again to affirm his trust in God.

    There are 13 songs on the upcoming God Dey album which the Rap Heavyweight says is a dedication to his daughter who died last February, Maame Akua Boahemaa Kenya.

    Recorded by a string of some of the best engineers in the country including Zapp Mallet, Appietus, Morris Babyface and Jay Q, God Dey features artistes such as Kofi Nti, Kwabena Kwabena, Dela of Mentor 3, Swazzy B, Screwface and Morris Babyface.

    One of Kenya’s favourite tracks on the album is Soldier. It has already been played a few times on the BBC African Service and the Kumasi-based artiste says he likes it for the strong symbolism it carries.

    “I’m a soldier in the army of the Lord. Life is a struggle. You get to a time when you think there is no more hope and you become really desperate. Some people even kill themselves when they get to that stage. I hear lots of negative things about myself but I also hear many positive things.

    “I have been bombarded with all sorts of vibes. People try to distract you but the best thing is to stay focussed and move on. If people have the time to fabricate stories about you, it means you are somebody. It is not important to hold on to what they say. Let your track record speak for you.”

    Kenya’s track record has been speaking loudly for him over the last ten years. He is a multiple award-winner with many admirers but who boldly attributes whatever he has achieved to his faith in the Almighty.

    When he looks back to the times when things were sleek and seemingly ‘together’ but when his hold on life was tenuous, he cannot but now thank God for a firmer grip on life and the opportunity to proclaim to all that God Dey.

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