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    Meet Mama Esther

    by Daily Guide
    posted Thursday, 30 July 2009 10:00| 0 Comments

    To most gospel music lovers, she is an amazing artiste with four successful albums, but on a more personal level, Deaconess Esther Boakye-Duah, aka Mama Esther, is a perfect epitome of the adage, “humility breeds greatness”.

    Ever since she dropped her first album titled, Me Judge Akasa in 2002, Mama Esther has been well known on the airwaves and TV screens as a great singer whose inspiring songs never fail to have a progressive impact in the gospel music industry.

    After the success of Me Judge Akasa, a song which comfortably registered on the lips of many Pentecost gospel music fanatics, the Misirimfuo Besan album followed in 2004 with the hit song, Kyikyiri No Mame, a fast-paced praise song which encouraged listeners to vigorously fight and overcome the devil.

    The third and fourth hit albums, Time Nkoe and Goliath Beko, were later released in 2006 and 2008 respectively.

    Apart from her success in the music ministry, 43-year-old Mama Esther proudly showcases her dedication to God’s work as a member of the Old Tafo District Church of Pentecost, Kumasi, and as the leader of the Pentecostal Women’s Fellowship.

    Her ever-readiness to accommodate and advise people with problems earned her the name “Mama Esther” because, according to her, most people who came into contact with her referred to her as a true mother who was humble enough to listen and offer help to other people.

    The gospel diva was challenged to take music seriously in 2001 by another gospel artiste, Grace Asare, who was her long time friend. According to Mama Esther, it was Grace who helped her write her songs and took her to the studio to record what would later be her first album, Me Judge Akasa.

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