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    Lyrics: Woara by Okyeame Kwame feat. Raquel

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 14 April 2013 15:04| 1 Comments

    Song: Woara
    Artiste: Okyeame Kwame feat. Raquel
    Album: Mr. Versatile

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    3y3 wo ara wo ara na wok a oo

    Anigye3 da po akyi a wo b3 boro ak)fa aba

    Nanso afei  afei de3n na 3ba ye a

    Nsuo k3k3 na 3b) o na wo kyini p3 kyinie3

    Wo ara oo wo ara na wok a yo

    3gyam koraa wo ne me ara

    Wo ne me ara na 3k) oo

    Nanso afei afei de3n na 3ba y3aa

    3wia k3k3 na 3reb) oo

    Na wo re kyini p3 kyinie33


    Wo de no dada dada saa

    Na wadaada me oo

    Enti sweety sweety nti na  ma sunti

    Wo de no baby baby saa na wo afa me ab)fra bi

    Nti s3 me te honey a me nim s3 wowa as3m

    2nd Chorus

    Wo de no mama mama saa

    Nso wo ama me oo

    2nd Verse

    You said that you will cross the sea with me

    But even through my tears you drown

    And you that you will bring the sun to me

    Heat between the two of us

    You melt down to the ground

    Its you you broke my world into two

    I had to put it back together but I don’t have a clue

    Well its true you made me look just like a fool

    I don’t know if its you and her or me and you

    Okyeame Kwame's rap

    What is love?

    Is it natures trick to ensure continuity?

    What is love?

    Is it a hidden trick that will build my insanity?

    What is love?

    Is it an actor’s skill that evokes little reality?

    What is love?

    Is it a sudden thrill which is not meant for eternity?

    Hu ma ni so mame a wo de me hwene mu ay3 ab3n<

    Me gyina wo nky3n a wo  ntumi mfa wo call nanso yi

    Aber3 a wo dane anomaa no many3 wo mframa

    Wo dane ntomtom a anka maa mm) me ns3m da

    Wo mogya nam me mu nti na me te wonka

    Mma mu nua anwu masum a anka me tee wo nka

    Good byes are not bye byes bad byes from bad guys with bad vibes so bye bye

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