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    Lyrics: Now I Know by Tinny feat. Richie & Batman Samini

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 22 July 2008 23:20| 1 Comments
    Photo: GhanaMusic.com Song: Now I Know
    Artiste: Tinny
    Kaa Bu Ame


    Kankpe Rec
    Yes indeed
    Minu shishi
    Dekedeke feefew
    Yekaaye a, ampa
    Ade pa hye ade pa mu
    Come closer, Tinny

    Chorus 2x

    Baby girl, the thing you dey do me
    My wifey, you make I dey horny
    The way you wind, make I make fine
    Before I don’t know, but now I know

    Verse 1 (Tinny)

    Up and down
    In and out
    Kiss my lips and I’ll make you come eh
    Make you dey wind slow, fast, I go come
    Lollipop eh
    Choopa chops eh
    S U C K I N G makes you feel good
    L I C K I N G makes you feel good
    K I S S I N G makes you feel good
    Topatopa, wikida, wikida, badbad
    Make me I die for your love today, I go do
    Make me I climb up and jump down, I go do
    Make me I vex, make my paddy shy, I go do
    Make me I die for your love today, I go do

    Repeat Chorus 2x

    Verse 2

    Neez step in the party
    Shorty talk with her body
    Words slipping, shorty sipping on Rum and Bacardi
    She said here you could find me
    Just check in the lobby
    She know my name and that’s the reason she feeling upon me
    What’s in the eye of the beholder is her nature
    Top model, cover girl, I am talking Miss Malaika
    But real talk girl, I ain’t tryna date ya
    I just wanna see your body steam like a vapour
    Now shorty say she like the way I talk
    Love my style, love my dress, love the way I walk
    Forget the foreplay, shorty what you playing for
    Now meet my man, you know exactly what he made for
    I’ll give you two words, karma sutra
    Shorty, you are a star and I can see it in your future
    You be the actor, I’ll be the producer
    You just gotta prove that you can blow like Luther
    At this point in the game, we gon do what we do
    And I hit like a champ, but damn, she doing it too
    I ain’t never met a joint that can work it that way
    She the type that make a grown man throw it all away

    Repeat Chorus

    Verse 3 – K.O

    1, 2, 3
    I want you to wind it up oh girl (2x)
    I want you to twist your body
    Move your body, swerve your body, twirk your body
    I want you to dip it low oh girl
    Then I want you to bring it up oh girl
    I want you to twist your body
    Move your body, swerve your body, twirk your body
    Yes indeed

    just be lay hits
    Nah I no dey trust love girl
    But they came hits
    Agyei, gye gidigidigidi eh wo!
    Now I chock say you be my wifey
    Topatopa, wikida, wikida, badbad

    Ga lyrics

    You better wind it up, wheel it up
    Make we dey jump up
    Eh, push it up

    Repeat Chorus till fade

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