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    Lyrics: President Obour - Obour

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 22 July 2008 07:03| 0 Comments
    Photo: Ghana Music.com Song: President Obour
    Youth For Presidency Campaign

    Fellow youth of Ghana, I am happy to address you what will go down in history
    As the greatest youth revolution in our dear country
    My brothers and sisters, the time has come for youth to aspire
    To the highest office of the land, the Presidency!

    Chorus 2x
    If I was the president or a member of the parliament (2x)
    Se nka meye omanpanyin anaa se meye ommrahyebadwani (2x)

    Verse 1
    Anka, ohia bunubunu tuo betwa
    Wei a maka yi, menim se wobedwa
    Nea wobedie, nea wobenom, nea wobeda
    Adesua pa ne apomuden, wobenya
    Wei nye party sem anaa nsemkeka
    President Obour, yema wo tiri nkwa
    President Obour, yema wo akwaaba
    President Obour, wo ne y’agyenkwa

    Repeat Chorus

    To aba ma me o, to aba ma me o, to aba ma President Obour (2x)
    Fa wo kokromoti, na hwehwe me nfoni (2x)

    Verse 2

    Anka contractor bi a, wanye n’adwuma yie, anka metwa ne to mmaa
    Mbaa, mbaa, metwa ne to mmaa
    Akosombo dam morepidi a, seisei yi anka Obour, mesesa
    Hwe, saa saa, mede papa besesa
    Health insurance ye ade papa, mepe sika de abo ho ka
    Se dee ebeye no free ama oman ba biara, ah, oman ba biara
    Se nka meye omanpanyin anaa se meye ommrahyebadwani (2x)
    Mehye da a ebeye Ghana day, ebeye Kwame Nkrumah birthday
    Enho nhia se ebeye holiday, na matua adwumayefoo ka pay day
    Sa ada no, Ghana nnuane nko ara
    Made-in-Ghana ntade nko ara
    No brofo, oman Ghana kasa nko ara
    Dagbani, Frafra, Ayigbe, ne Asante
    Wala, Dagaati, Ga-Adangme, Fante
    Woko ka brofo a, gye se mante, due, due, due, mante
    Family Tree Entertainment

    Repeat Chorus and Hook

    Verse 3

    (singing Nea adee wo no na odie)
    Anka, traffic light besi so
    Anka, fie biara benya ne number
    Anka, traffic light enso amba
    Youth employment beye m’agenda
    I will pay more attention to gutter
    Kwan bi ara, meto no din na mede signboard asi so, atworo no din
    Se nka meye omanpanyin anaa se ommrahyebadwani
    Anka, estates besesa Zongo na awure asesa dondo
    Nkokra, eye a, monka yoomo na monne nkodaa nto adonko
    If I was the president or a member of the parliament
    Nobody go fit chop Ghana money
    Nobody go fit take cocaine go Aburokyire
    If I was the president or a member of the parliament
    You chop Ghana money, you go go for jail
    You go dey jail for, them no go give you bail
    I go sack you then put your post for sale
    Negative tolerance, that’s the deal
    Welcome to the castle
    No, no, no, welcome to the presidential palace
    Mr. President, Your Excellency

    Repeat Chorus and Hook


    We are tired of the excuse of being too young
    If by the constitution, we can vote at 18, marry and make a family at 18
    And seek parliamentary office at our youthful age
    What prevents us from vying from the presidency
    Nana Bour no, onie
    Nea adee wo no na odie [till fade]

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