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    Lyrics: False Prophets by Koo Wiase

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 14 May 2013 07:38| 0 Comments

    Song: False Prophets
    Artiste: Koo Wiase

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    Verse 1 (Koo Wiase)

    Huh, ema nehawo se wote ensem a me de 3beto dwa

    Fise be kraa me ne wo mienu ya'koma mu feel da same way

    Bible se enframa yeho me onyame na edi ma

    Nti wote me nka sing Amazing grace

    Me condemn na me convert

    Na nso Adifo atrofo, chale they all gotta fade

    Omo nti na ene Nipa bebree empe asore ko

    Wote nyame sem kraa nawo to nko

    Yen mpanyinfo a mo gu Ghana, aden nti namo tina ho whe ma false prophets esisi nkrofo? why?

    Mr. President mepese wo kakyere me se anka Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah wo ha anka nani be gye anaa? hell no

    Mr. president tell us your vision for the country really whats going on?

    Ene babia wobefa bia, obi ate asore na ode fear eye manipulation

    Se odifour tumi tena radio so egyi mriwafo sika di a, ka kyere me oye kronfo anaa?

    (False prophet - Sika sen na wope se wo dua wo nyame fie ?)

    what ever the case me be Onua ewose wo whe wo kotokuom

    Nevertheless afodebo nkesei enti 6 months akye na osofo etwe big Benz

    Woko hye Makola dwom sweat nya wo sika, Sunda na wo de nenyinaa eto collections

    Wo gye no di, fise nano oka kyere wo se wo di fufuo a wonom nkwan

    Oye Odifo, eye wose waben, oka kyere wo se woko da, woso dai


    Gh False prophets sample

    Verse 2 (Koo Wiase)

    Yeah Revelations ema yete ase3 se adifo omo aba, bebree 3ye atrofour

    Omo fa asore neho de ye yei ma, ewo abre a bebree gumu live poor

    Dwene ho yei eden nti na one ne yere hye boutique

    Na foose kraa woni bi hey, Me paint picture bi hye

    Na I hope se wobe hu image ansa na me wie

    Chale this is real life

    I’m probably the most honest kasahartenii alive, in Gh

    Koo yeah and im proud of that

    Given the fact se, ensem a me keka e

    3gu rappers aniso paa na so, but they never thought of that

    Enwom wai bimo bebo no ounces abo no twice

    Ewiase when im already deceased

    Bo mpaye mawo ho men nsu mame fise asore nawo ko

    Osofo naa ne anti-Christ

    Omo pe real ice, enti wo sika no enoa na omo de to demons yeah that's right

    Obi yire ba ne nkyen for prayers a , wobe te na wadware no

    Okyina bi na one no ako wo twins

    Tie 3nsem a okeka, 3ne noama oye

    Busa wo ho se Yesu Kristo baye oye saa


    Gh False prophets sample

    [Talking Koo Wiase]

    Teah Koo Wiase,

    seikrom Boss, Asem no kraa awereho

    Ey this song is dedicated

    To obia wa fall victms of false prophecies that's going on All about Gh...till fade

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