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    Lyrics: World Trade Center by 4x4

    by Ghana Music.com Team
    posted Thursday, 01 October 2009 13:54| 2 Comments


    Song: World Trade Center

    Artiste: 4x4

    Album: World Trade Center



    Go, go, go, big booty girl (4x)



    Cos the way you dey make I dey wonder

    If your booty was given by your mama

    Ebe like say you no know say your body super

    Girl, I go do anything to be your lover, baby

    Make I touch your body, I want touch your body (2x)


    Never underestimate my lover

    She have the World Trade Center

    The twin towers to match in body, body, in body

    Make I touch your body, I want touch your body

    Make I touch your body, honey, make I touch your flex


    Go, go, go, big booty girl (4x)


    She don get body o, pretty body o

    She don get body o, nice body o

    She don get body o, pretty body o


    Verse 1
    Say I love the big booty girl, big titty girl, thick tall girl and thick fatty girl

    Soldier girl, I be soldier boy

    So play with me, I can be your toy

    I dey love you like Americans love Obama

    And I go catch you like the way them want catch Osama

    I wonder, I no go dey surrender

    I go be your defender, service I go render

    Tell me your agenda ....

    For my sweet sweet anaconda

    Never be pretender, fire the bazooka

    January December, nobody go venture

    Apart from me, the director, so make I be your master

    See that big booty wey edey carry dey go

    They cause some traffic for the road e o

    Mummy obolo ...

    Them go fit look, but they can't touch o

    Ebe so edey make them mind dey kolo


    Just smile for me, oh, I want love your pretty booty

    Shake it up for me, 'cause I dey love your sexy booty


    Repeat Hook & Chorus

    Verse 2

    I swear to God, I no go bluff, because of your body

    Even I for yob all the yarn for the world, because of your body

    I go give all the money for the world

    Wey I go give all the love for the world

    My mama sef no get such love, because of your body

    Baby, I want confess, your love confess?

    And you are the best among all the rest

    My butter for bread, my sweet chocolate

    I love your body

    Repeat Hook & Chorus


    She don get body o, pretty body o

    She don get body o, nice body o


    Go, go, go, big booty girl (4x)

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