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    Lyrics: Dancehall King by Bandana (Shatta Wale)

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 15 July 2013 12:24| 0 Comments

    Song: Dancehall King
    Artiste: Bandana


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    In a di whole Ghana

    Da girl dem a link up Bandana,(da maker da maker)

    Shatta waleeeeeeess!!!!


    Some call mi da godfada

    In a NBT wi a ride Hammer

    Nima a mi Yarda

    Korle Gonnor godfada

    Big up every youth aahh

    Every Ghetto youth aahhhh

    Every ghetto girl weh no say mi a Number one


    Dancehall king

    In a di whole Ghana

    Di girl dem a link

    In a di whole Ghana

    Shatta movement ting

    In a di whole Ghana

    Money makers ting

    In a di whole Ghana


    Verse 1

    So mi open it wide like encarta

    Mek dem kno say sm still toppa

    That's why di girl dem luv Shatta

    Like Bob marley bun dem like ganja

    So mi never fala fashion cash wi still badda

    Speed dem up cah mi kno dem can drive ya

    Dancehall a mi ting wi nuh watch biter

    No say mi is a nite rider

    So wi never wanna roll wif some fool faker

    Better kno ,mi is a educator

    Say pumpum mi luv girl dem a mi flavor

    Mi nuh watch wha do cah mi still a di


    Verse 2

    Tick tock buss mi a buss

    Ting set lost dem a lost

    Long time nobadda cross

    Wi still got di title so wi nuh worry

    Every pretty girl shake body

    Cah di tune jus a hit n wi never copy

    Shatta movement champagne poppin

    S.M Nuff gyal dem calling

    So wi nuh stop

    Still got di map

    Mi say seek mi a seek

    And a knock mi a knock

    Any man try ,then mi lick shot

    Poh!! poh!! lyrical


    Repeat verse 1

    Chorus till fade

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