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    Lyrics: 88 by 88K feat. Khanflik & Nom

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 29 October 2013 12:29| 0 Comments

    Song: 88
    Artiste: 88K feat. Khanflik & Nom


    88..........Khanflik............Nom.........Nigga claws on the beat


    Been there, done that, seen that, cop that

    What you saying boy....watch that..You dont have what it takes...fall back, cash, ass guess what I gets that

    Aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye (I gets that)

    Aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye (I be that nigga my swag errbody like that, I hustle for the paper so I fucking gets that)

    1st verse (Khanflik)

    CGT cash grow on trees come get a taste of this good life

    Roll with me just fuck with flik I got it low for that good price

    Got a hoe dat may look nice she gotta hoe dat may look twice

    She look twice grab it bag it

    Fact is I had it tragik lil basket case dat I had to chase

    5 foot tall with a ass and waist

    Hair real long but I love the face shit make a trick nigga wanna run to chase

    Roll up light dat past da forest

    Whatever u hear baby please ignore it really tho it was her keys she lost it she was on her kness she was seekin for it

    Aint it real funny wen u roll da reafa, tom u cruise dey known to reach ya, now u gettin money dey known to leach ya

    Ferogamo shoes, I dont know no sneakas

    Been there done dat seen that cop that wat u say boy better watch dat get blown away ay ay ay ay ay,

    88 aint we gettin major cake tho n say we been had it kuz really dem niggas late tho but i dnt mind da wait tho kuz really for wat its worth am tryna ball with ya son,

    Iits jake to jesus shuttlesworth


    2ND VERSE (88KLAN)

    I shake the party, the new God flow

    Am that nigga, the good God know

    I'd rather die enormous Ivy Blue dad HOV

    Errday 88 do a bad hoe

    Bout time these birds flew back home

    My speed so consistent, you move mad slow

    I keep chasing success, am too damn close

    Am on the right path you on the left like the ring on tupac nose

    Benzes Porches with horses nigga I whip that

    I be hustlin for fortune nigga I need that

    Am the realest the illest fire I spit that

    These crowns stays on ma head like a trukfit hat

    And ur niggas be talking my crew click clack

    They talking beef i had to bring my nigga flik back

    All these bitches we bagging, we hit that

    Stay grinding, Stay shining, you way behind me, pay homage



    What the fuck you thought

    Bitch nigga what the fuck you think / hot shells when I let that off

    Cooked crack mixing up in that sink

    If you really wanna conversate you better keep it straight you better keep that real / most Niggaz they kinda fake so I can't relate cuz I keep that trill

    Hoes on my line

    Most of them dimes

    Shouts out to Wale and them but that poetry is mine

    Ain't got no time to feed your kind

    Can't mix no lemonade wit limes

    Keep your damn business outta mine or my dawgs gonna hunt for dinner time

    Nigga lets get ratchet, nigga lets get ratchet

    Nigga tell me where your ratchet

    Fuck it I'm a basted, light a L don't pass it / laugh at you while I ash it

    Cashing out wit all of my real G's that different breed we still nigga

    You ain't tryna be killed nigga

    Stay calm and keep still nigga

    Ay Ay Ay Ay, Ay Ay Ay Ay

    We some youngins out in Paris goin cray - Ay - Ay - Ay / money fallin from the sky so I'm never broke

    Pray to god to keep me strong and I never broke


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