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    Lyrics: Tonga (Mor) by Kodi

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 12 January 2014 19:45| 1 Comments

    Song: Tonga (Mor)
    Artiste: Kodi

    Kodi Vee

    1st verse

    Tonga be da thing we dey ponder

    All day all night we dey hunger

    Me ex gyal them know me a monster

    Kodi Vee y3 k3ka se mey3 pornstar

    Me I go transform ya

    Fi de pretty gyal them mi hv formula

    When me dey pun-wala wob3 fa mela

    Nk3bo baaye wala Pamela


    Tonga dey sweet for nsh)na

    Wala u go b33shie ma sh) ona

    But da main target be de under

    See I wanna tototo vruum, Honda

    U look so mwah! flawless

    U so fly, u r a goddess

    With da tsokpoti-in ma trozers

    I go fx oh brodas


    We luv it (Tonga!) yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

    We luv it (Tonga) na-y33 w) 3x

    2nd verse

    S3 mekye wo-a, gye me yi wo sako

    Ansa fis3 bush road menfa so

    For da long journey me tumi delay cabo

    Back and forth like dabo-dabo

    Wow magic nansayi menpa y3 dade3-carpenter fo) awe me cash ama meni ate

    Kala wei paa infact-woy3 slow-so wack-)nom one guiness-a wafe

    Ne body sě tonto-dike-nti mebom s3 polo

    Oh my gwad wonim s3 wei ny3 ice cream but wore di


    3rd verse

    Mano k3k3b3 tete wotri mu wires

    Nk)m)d3 nkoaa, meky3n wireless

    Manum ay3ma wosid3n keep I quiet

    Chip cream on ur body be ma diet

    Strawberry champaign showers

    Taaso ode chukuchakaaaa for hours

    Too sweet-wo ama me )d) diabetes

    Fama me na menkyer3 wo my abilities

    Maben papa achemedis

    On da pumpapa magye me din

    Come by na menkyerě wo many things money can't buy

    Come diet pleasant guy


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