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    Lyrics: Bompa (Tonga Refix) by Samini

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 03 February 2014 16:25| 4 Comments

    Song: Bompa (Tonga Refix)
    Artiste: Samini

    Kodi Vee

    1st verse

    Herh Brainy


    Beat no na wa sample no saa noh?

    Yow Joey B big up yourself

    DBlack BAM

    Higrade freestyle

    Verse 1

    I lay ambush for my bonker

    I get war, I dey come conquer

    So I erect my rocket launcher

    3na ma pumpi me tire no puncture

    One shot. Bomber

    I lay down my pipe like plumber


    May3 ma tis3 tanker

    Nanso mintwitwida miny3 wanker

    Pure tactics no wrong card

    Wup3 taxi? 3n3 wuafa wrong car

    Ok ….hh….hh, y3 koo, y3nko, alright

    Me se pure tactics no wrong card

    Wup3 taxi? 3n3 wuafa wrong car

    Ma spoti ataroi asparki atracki aparki ataacki abacki me plans s3 m3 carry

    Obiaa ne ne style aa odi hunu ne garri. Garri

    Abeng no wudaso bo konka?

    Me be di no ve, Olonka

    Chorus: Bumper Bumper Bumpermachine papa 33ba aa 3yaa sh3 ni Bumper, Bumper Bumper

    Wu b3 pim a survive aa 3nuaa ne wu Bumper

    Y3se rasta a koto range because of Bumper

    Boys bi renti cars all because of Bumper

    Verse 2

    Rasta nayabinghi

    Minis3 wunfankyiky3 mamibindi

    Dis a no spliff fi go pass to de left hand side so me keep it stingy

    I dey craze for your Bumper

    Make I be your flat tire pumper

    I go put you back on road

    De rest a dem a crawl but man a high jumper

    Ma Jackie jack

    Ny3 na passe ja

    Engine nie

    Me di me safua re be Shem

    Me baa ab3 gasse ja


    Wunims3 mey3 classy guy

    Enti forgetti opana ne ne trashy vibes

    Breakfast wo movenpick

    Dawge roadside ahumakye wakye lie


    Di kain ma minshw3 wu Bumper

    Verse 3

    Wu y3 hot Moko, tankwa

    Wuny3 anajujuma 3wo Dankwa

    Wu? Me feeli wu naing kwa

    S3 me hu wuaa na obiaa adani sankwas


    Bad gyal , gwan and style dem

    With your sexy bumper shiape and pretty smile dem

    Tunupp your self and broke out

    After di dancing session we ride straight to my end



    Forward, make I follow for you Bumper

    I like the view I dey watch from your Bumper

    I no like machine wey eno Bumper

    Don’t follow me if you no get Bumper

    You need to have Bumper

    Got to have

    Got to get Bumper

    Got got got to get


    Joey B ah hear say dem ban dis banger

    Make focus & conquer

    Don’t watch nothing but the bompa!

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