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    Lyrics: Kunaani by Stonebwoy

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 04 February 2014 18:30| 0 Comments

    Song: Kunaani
    Artiste: Stonebwoy

    (Intro) INTRO

    Well dem say a missile riddim don't?


    Two thousand and fourteen

    VERSE 1


    After the party done up

    BHiMNation and the gyal dem roll out

    To the ThugMansion fi go bun up

    And the next morning me wake  with a gyal by me side

    (And the next morning me wake and mi find me self.......)


    I woke up in a new KUNAANI  (2x)

    I woke up in a new KUNAANI

    VERSE 2

    #Ah weh yah name REBECCA

    #Ah weh you from JAMAICA

    #Ah Gwaan like u is undertaker

    #Tell me how u done turn a bed breaker

    All of a sudden den

    Ready already u dey yah in me bed

    Mi no know how it happen the sheets turn red

    Likle bad gyal yah try impress me

    But all me know is that I


    Mi ask whagwaan yah!! (Repeat)

    None a dem seem to know what really did a Gwaan

    VERSE 3

    I wudda wish it was a Benz a Bugatti

    Better still panamera, masaratti

    But at the end of the day after party

    Mi glad say mi end up with a cuty

    Cah yah know

    Nun no sweeter than that Likkle thing

    Ano crack and ano nicotine

    Wat a feeling when me deep it in

    It's an unforgettable scene

    Mi member

    #BHiMNation #ThugMovementz


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