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    Lyrics: Cinderalla by Knii Lante

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Saturday, 08 March 2014 19:01| 0 Comments

    Song: Cinderalla
    Artiste: Knii Lante

    VERSE 1:

    I'm suffering in the streets

    Today you see me sweat-eng

    Never been easy

    I got to keep believ-eng


    I'm reaching to my destiny

    He is working out for me

    I'm living in my destiny

    No one can stop me


    I am Cinderella

    And I'm looking to my future

    I got something better

    So much better

    Like Cinderella

    No one knows ma future

    But I know there's something better

    So much better

    So much better



    Oooooo Ooooooh. oooh

    I'll be a Hero

    Oooooh Oooh Oooh

    (Movin' like ) an Arrow

    Oooooh Ooooooh Oooh

    I'll be a Hero

    VERSE 2

    They making life so tough for me

    They wanna see me going crazy

    They've never have any love for me

    The blessing of Jah will be with me

    Never waste time on enemies

    Cos life's too short to live

    Let them live so their eyes will see

    When things start to turn around for me


    I'm reaching to the destiny

    That God is working out for me

    Looking to my destiny

    It is Even too bright for me

    (I see peace and harmony)


    VERSE 3

    I'm Cinderella, this beat is in my hand

    (Today my gari full of sand)

    I'm Cinderella, my something is at hand

    (Success) (greatness)

    I'm Cinderella, riches in my bank

    My future is Greater

    Yes my future is is at hand

    And I see ma money in my bank

    Remember the biggest in land

    Was once baby in His hand

    Cos I'm be shooting like a star

    Got ma future in ma hand

    I'm a survivor in the land

    I'm a be  like a shooting star

    And my wish has come so far

    Said I got a future in this land

    It was written in the sand

    I'll be rising up so far / I'll be chilling in the back

    I'll be living it so large


    Never forsake me

    Jah Jah protect me

    My end will be greater than my beginning

    Today I'm your slave

    But tomorrow I will be King

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