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    Lyrics: Promotions by Minister Franklin

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 16 March 2014 21:39| 0 Comments

    Song: Promotions
    Artiste: Minister Franklin

    This year be your Promotion oooo

    l receive it!!

    This year be your provision oooo

    l receive it!!

    You no go suffer, protection dey for your side

    You no go suffer, Jesus dey for u


    Am a royal, you are a royal ,you no go suffer ooo

    Jesus dey

    Heey l am a believer

    You are a believe u no go suffer oo

    You no go suffer ooo Jesus dey for u

    l am a believer

    Jesus no go play me wayo,play me wayo, play me wayo

    Jesus dey for u... heyyy


    Twi version

    Afi wie de3 3y3 mafi oooo

    Mekura mu twe twe *2

    Hwee renhia wo onyame oka woho

    Hwee renhia wo yesu wo ho ma wo wai

    Wo y3 onyame ba

    Me nso mey3 onyame engye ohia ntomu da

    Onyame woho ma wo

    Wo y3 onyame ba

    Me nso y3 onyame ba

    Wo y3 odehye33 kain

    Engye yare3 nto mu da

    Onyame woho ma wo

    Me ko manim, wo nso wo ko wanim

    Y3ko y3nim ooo y3n san y3 akyi da wai

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