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    Lyrics: Personal Person by D-Black feat. Castro

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 07 May 2014 23:43| 2 Comments

    Song: Personal Person
    Artiste: D-Black feat. Castro


    DJ Breezy on the beat yea

    D-Black, Under

    It’s Black Avenue Muzik baby

    D-Black, Yiee

    You be my personal personal personal

    If you're in love , take this with you, blessings

    Owo l3 monko


    You be my personal personal personal girl

    You be my personal person, personal girl

    Enti besin, na besin , na besin y3n ko eh

    Men di wo ho agro ooo/ You too bad eh

    Men di wo ho agro oo/ You too fine eh

    Enti Me ni ko ooo

    You too bad eh/ (Too bad)

    Me ni woaa na eko oo

    I no go fit dog you


    First time I met you

    you was chilling with your girls and (EEYAAAH)

    I ain't know how to reach you, you was rolling with your best friends (EEYAAAH)

    See I didn't wanna stress u

    So I told all my boys and (EEYAAAH)

    Fate connected us two, when I smiled and you said hi (EEYAAAH)

    Anytime when you smiled eh

    See my head start bash me (bash me)

    And I don't understand how this love fit catch me (catch me)

    One day, one place , one girl, Sunday

    E make I conf sef, this can't be

    See the first thing I said was how be !?

    Deft guy, mouf die, ashangbae

    Bae , u made me feel some kan way

    See the party close sef I dey tap gate

    Just one ting , fone number

    When u catch house I go Holla




    As time dey go sef, I dey love you more and more

    Alotta dudes tried , and you ain't let ‘em in, and you showed ‘em all the door  baybee

    This ting dier spiritual

    And I know say de feeling be mutual

    just mark here, we go do some wedding wey go pop off  brutal

    Baby gurl it's your birthday go down

    Everybody say you the flyest gurl in the city , and ma heart so glad they know now

    Baby gurl it's Ur birthday go down


    Baby go down, all my girl dem  go down

    Baby go down, my sexy girls just go down

    (Repeat 2x)


    You be the baddest, baddest amongst the rest

    Enti jom we , b3 so min sa yenko

    You be my true love, true love, true love, true lov

    me no wo aa na y3 ko

    Beebi anko ka pampa, engye kedid3

    Ma ti a twi wo do yi

    Ma ti a twi wo do yi

    You be my personal person, personal girl

    Enti wo do sh3 tokoro mo a a obi ba yi

    Take me there, take me there

    I go fly with you

    I go change your life

    I go die with you, make you no change your mind/

    I go change your life




    Breezy, you see your life

    D-Black, Castro , love is a Blessing

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