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    Lyrics: I Think I Am by VIP

    by Ghana Music.com Team
    posted Friday, 01 January 2010 12:05| 1 Comments


    Song: I Think I Like Am

    Artiste: VIP



    Chorus (Lazzy)

    I see this girl around my way (I think I like am)

    And I like the way in hips dey sway (I think I like am)

    She move like Miss Africa (I think I like am)

    Anything she want I go give her (I think I like am)

    One day, (I think I like am) (2x)

    Verse - Prodigal

    Baby girl, welcome to my party

    Grab a glass, let's share some Bacardi

    Move to the dance floor, shake your body

    My party don't hurt nobody

    So shake your body body, move your body body

    Rock your body body; let's sex your body body

    Don't stand there, don't watch what we doing

    Move to the groove, tell me how you feeling

    Make we joley dey go

    The way we dey do, make we follow dey go

    We about to start the show

    Money go flow for air till we end the show

    Verse - Lazzy

    It was on Saturday morning

    Body dey move just like bisso

    She dey move, she dey dance calypso

    She move like Miss Africa

    Anything she want I go give her

    One day, (I think I like am)

    Tell me what you want

    Obaa yi hoo fe paa

    Repeat chorus


    Verse - Promzy

    Obaa a mereka ne ho asem no no nie

    Tumtum broni no no nie

    Momhwe ne nipa dua ne n'ahoofe

    Obaa mu baa nie

    Body talks for her

    Smile talks for her

    Skin talks for her

    Hair talks for her

    Oye me laptop, charle

    Mongyae mo loose talk, ene mo desktop

    Se woara hu no a, you go give up

    Obaa yi ye obiaa she know what time it is and she know whatsup!

    Hwe ne high heels, shii, oboso beebia

    Ahoofe type wei dee enye makeup

    Mepe se nea osi ma ne ho se, oye Ghanaian

    Onrushe Jack, wei dee, oye different

    Oye me girl, meye ne boy, oye me girl, meye ne boy

    Ontie dee amanfoo beka, efiri se meye ne boy

    Repeat chorus




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