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    Lyrics: BBA Theme Song by Love

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 26 September 2014 00:38| 0 Comments

    Song: BBA Theme Song
    Artiste: Love

    Intro: It's the ladies boyfriend, they call me love...yeah

    (ooohhhooo, ooohhooo ooohhooox2

    We're watching you (Killbeatz lets go!!)


    Big brother........... Africa is watching you, watching you x2

    Verse 1

    Got me stuck to my TV all day doing nothing but just watching you (nothing but just watching you)

    So excited don't wanna go out my peeps say (peeps say) (what's popping yo)

    Love (whats up with you)

    Yeah yeah, now am acting like a jerk and i know am not under house arrest

    But am locked in yo, it's like am popping( like am popping dope...) and to amplify

    Myself i got a bottle of coca cola well served yeah! am so excited when am

    Watching big brother.

    Repeat Chorus

    Verse 2

    From Nigeria to Ghana we are (watching you, watching you)

    South Africa Namibia Kenya (we are watching you.........)

    Ethiopia Uganda (we are watching you...)

    From Tanzania to Malawi (we are watching you...)

    From Zimbabwe to Botswana (we are watching you..........)

    Zambia Angola Africa!!!

    Repeat Chorus

    Bridge: We are watching you.....we are watching you.

    Ayo! Everybody, let me see y'all put your hands up one time!

    Yeah (wowza wowza wowza) Just like that, wowza wowza wowza

    (yeah, common common common) wowza wowza wowza x2

    (from Zimbabwe to Botswana Zambia Angola Africa!!!)

    Repeat Chorus

    Outro: The most entertaining unifying continental urban TV show

    Big ups to Endemol, Big ups to Mnet, and we're out

    Watching you, watching you.

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