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    Lyrics: Minsh33 Daa by Kobby

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 06 January 2015 12:23| 0 Comments

    Song: Minsh33 Daa
    Artiste: Kobby

    Ntswi mli sane ni

    Ni ehaa me minsh33 Daa

    Ani ole ak3

    hef3w k3 ojemba

    No n)) ni haami minsh33

    Ma sum) bo, ni maha bo minsh33 Daa

    No he w), k3 ji ak33 mm3n3, k3j3 mm3n3 k3yaa nk3 bo akpa


    No he w), k3 ji ak33 mm3n3, k3j3 mm3n3 k3yaa nk3 bo akpa

    Mafo. X2


    He w) nk3 bo baa hi shi

    He w) nk3 bo baa hi shi

    Masum) bo, maha bo minsh33 daa


    K3 ntswi osum)) maba nk3 baha bo

    Junei k3 nibii f33

    Ok3 moko b3 sane

    Ni w) hi shi k3 an)kwale Yeh! X2

    Koni alonte dii ko, aka fo w) ten

    Kaha ni heny3l)i naw)

    Ni w) naa amane

    Repeat verse



    Ns)lem) ji ak33

    Nk3 bo baa hi shi baa hi shi baa hi shi

    K3 ya gnaan)

    Ns)lem) ji ak33

    Nk3 bo baa hi shi k3ya shi bee ni w) Daa baa fam)

    Mats) tsofa maha bo

    a w)le bo tam) abifao

    Nk3 nsune baa fita osune he b) ni afee ni oyitso aya gnw3i y3 saa mli

    Ni mafite bo kraa

    Repeat once


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