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    Lyrics: Kotosa by Wutah

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 06 May 2010 17:00| 0 Comments

    Song: Kotosa

    Artiste: Wutah

    Album: Burnin' Desire

    Love goes where love is

    I can't deny thisif you feeling this

    Come and join us, sing this song


    Akyinkyin akyinkyin ama mahu nneema

    Enye ampa se nsuo mu gu ahodoo

    Onim adee yo san bu adee wae

    Bonwire kente yi dee menhuu bi da o


    Your love took me by surprise

    And it's a fact that I can't deny

    Someone please tell me why

    Me, I fit pay the price

    Sa, sa, sa, kotosa


    Odo na eno ara na eku me

    Nkebo bayaa ei (2x), nkebo bayaa

    Oye dromo soo

    Sa, sa, sa, kotosa (3x)

    Odo na eno ara na eku me

    Odo ato me pono nne
    Ene anadwo yi de, meyi no kekye

    Me do yi ye gye, firi se enne atire behye kye

    Feeling feeling feeling fit (chainsaw)

    Me nko ara me sweetie (seesaw)

    Feeling feeling feeling fit (chainsaw)

    Me nko ara me Yaa Baby

    Se mesre wo nsuo a, ma me nsa e, na m'akoma yi sua

    Wodo me a, so mu yie

    Odo ko dee odo nti na me ne mmienu betwe mpena

    Me do wiase yentena, yendi yeagoro yi pampana

    Repeat Chorus

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