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    Lyrics: Tsotsoo by Wutah Kobby

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 13 July 2010 19:14| 0 Comments

    Song: Tsotsoo
    Artiste: Wutah Kobby


    ORH orh orh orh orh

    Orh orho orh orh orhw

    Orh orh orh orh orh

    Orho orhw orw yeh!

    Its another brand new hit Lord ,from Wutah Kobby the ladies ma-an,lord

    Roba doba dop dop

    Verse 1

    You all that a man would want

    And I just can’t stand to loose you

    Girl you work your therapy

    And now oh gash I want more

    Hook 1

    Nonsia ni fa p3p33p3

    Na mido ako ama m3 ni ejina

    Okor akordi nansa ,sima baaku ay3 mi daa nyinaa

    Makyw3n akyw3n 3n3 anaju di3 ob3ba

    Uo uoo yii,s3ni3 manu d3muo yii

    Uo uoo yii,munjai mioo yii
    Haaahn Hahn, haaahn Hahn

    Hook 2

    I tell you girl wined for me Tsotsoo

    Tsotsoo wosomor Tsotsoo

    My baby girl wined for me Tsotsoo

    Tsotsoo wosomor Tsotsoo


    Mmh Tsotsoo Tsotsoo

    Aah Tsotsoo Tsotsoo

    Kw33 Tsotsoo Tsotsoo

    Tso tso Tsotsoo l3 ogboo niee

    Tso tso Tsotsoo l3 ogboo niee,yei ye e e ah” 2X

    Midofui nkua di3 fr3mi p3s3mkunya

    Dimpa b3y3d3 nsu midi p3 ahunya

    Sohn sohn naha Fatia fata Nkrumah

    M3hyia obaa nihu y3fe hyr3ns3 nsruma’’2X

    Munjaimindi madi3

    Munjai na nipa di3

    Munjaimindi madi3
    Na muyaa s3i mi mmr3’’2X
    She is such a sweet sweet girl

    Tempting to rock my world

    She blinds me really but I don’t care

    Whether she is far or near 2X


    Midi3nts3 mmandi3 Naa Awula

    Ndol3 mli gnanii ,f3nbeann mama

    Nmawu tson kome ,nmumor k3 la

    Many3 mli amany3 aah ahh

    Repeat verse 1 and hook 2

    Chorus till fade

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