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    Lyrics: Kiss Your Hand by R2Bees featuring Wande Coal

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 30 August 2010 17:59| 5 Comments


    Song: Kiss Your Hand
    Artiste: R2Bees featuring Wande Coal
    Album: Revolution


    It's Wande Coal and R2Bees yeah!


    Baby, make you no talk chaw

    Hope say that you go drop me your number

    Cuz I no dey fit dey da shordy, I dey pop dey wonder

    Hey, na your backa boom boom you dey conquer

    Look, see I no get no longer

    So I dey want friendship wey ebe longer

    With me today, tomorrow, I go be stronger

    Girl, I want chop, you be my hunger

    As if I'm playing with u

    But the words i'm saying is true

    Woman I no dey tell no lie

    Wey I no dey play my love is for true

    Mugeez 2x

    Abi you go be my girl

    And I surely go take you there

    How you dey rock my world

    That dey make me dey ask you say

    Chorus 2x

    Allow me to kiss your hand, be your man

    You know, I'll understand

    Mugeez 2x

    All I wanna hear you say 'I do'

    Make you no dey fear, I go dey by you

    Girl, till the end of time, it's true

    Abi you go be my boo

    Wande Coal

    Make we do like cray-chao

    Want to be like Stevie Wonder

    You know I am like thunder to thunder

    This nigga is the bumper to bumper

    You see where I'm from, WC, I'm from Nigeria

    Omo, you know say na criteria

    ... like bacteria

    Wey I dey for Ghana, with Sacre na Hammer

    Where are we going, I am rocking with R2Bees from Ghana

    Na chai, we dey for Tema, they say WC na hammer

    Wey they say na WC, omo, know say na bumper to bumper

    Yes, I be the number one na dagger, dagger

    See, I get swagger, swagger

    I na reggae the ragga, I wanna reggae the ragga

    People dey swagger, swagger the maga

    Chai, a who, na who, na who born the maga, the maga

    Na who born the maga

    Omo ni talo lomo, before they start to call me, before they start to call me

    Omo ni talo lomo, before they start to call me, gbomo gbomo

    Yemi yo shomo, owo lomo, ginja mi to

    Chai, .....

    Why dare me? Would you dare me?

    If you then double dare me, I kiss you, double dare me

    You fear me and you hear me

    You love me when you hear me

    I kiss you, double dare me

    I kiss you, so baby, just

    Repeat Chorus 2x

    Paedae da Pralem

    Beauty lies in da eyes of da beholder

    Like ur life's in da hands of Jehovah

    Make we marry u know we getting older

    I go bodyguard you, I go be soldier

    And I hear you like casanova, the way that the guy be sober

    So I am like, Hold up, enjoy the rollercoaster

    Smooth sailing, no imposter

    Then move, dance to the groove hard

    Make you no dey lose guard

    Wande go talk 'Orobo to bad o'iv
    Orobo to bad o

    Sa sa, bu wo mu, di sa

    Ahoɔfɛ, dane wo ho na bu wo pa

    Yɛ na pagya wo nsa

    Okasafoɔ rekasa, mma wondi obiara ka

    R2Bees and WCeezay, you know we no easy

    Pop pop something, like ebe your bday

    Girl, no long thing

    I like your ..., your body be fronting ....

    Repeat Chorus 2x

    Mugeez 2x

    All I wanna hear you say 'I do

    Make you no dey fear, I go dey by you

    Girl, till the end of time, it's true

    Abi you go be my boo

    Repeat Chorus 2x

    It's Wande Coal, Mo'hits, na who do the beat o?

    Na Killbeatz do the beat

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