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    Lyrics: No. 1 Fan by 5five

    by Ghana Music.com Team
    posted Wednesday, 25 February 2009 12:04| 3 Comments

    Song: No. 1 Fan

    Artiste: 5Five

    Album: Ur Luv


    Repeat Chorus 2x

    Boy you know the things you do
    Makes me wanna be with you
    Know that I am your number 1 fan
    Cos you know these guys aren’t quite like you

    Verse 1

    Eh never seen a pretty lady like her
    With a bizzy dizzy body like her
    With stretch like ghetto, they’ll be reflecting the rainbow
    And many wanna roll with in the night club
    Cos I’m the super hero
    So is it you gonna come run for me
    I’ve gotta see your ecstasy
    And I’m gonna give you what you really really want
    Rub-a- Dub style and R & B
    With stretch like ghetto, they’ll be reflecting the rainbow
    And many wanna roll with in the night club

    Repeat Chorus

    Verse 2

    I’ll be the brova with the (platy)
    They say I’m (sexy)
    Girls are around (for you)
    Said that I’m blue like Snoop D
    But I’m a smooth operator like Sade (Sweetest taboo)
    So you know who you with,
    Move who’s gonna do from the hood
    Now you wish it was me and you
    Serving for two you not around the pool,
    Barbeque or my neighborhood
    What you gonna do? I’m like her skin so
    Long hair wind blow
    My E looks sexy like Halle Berry
    And then hint on tips like my performance
    You wanna kick freestyle I’m homey
    My hair waivy, platy maybe
    With my shade’s on like my name
    Ray Charlie
    Tu la belle fils et elle est joli
    Aujourduis pappie, aujourdoui vien ici
    Et est comsi vent dans le pays
    We vous sans sunshine sans pour le fils
    Whatever whatever
    Ray Ray Ray man I’m down for whatever
    Any A day I’ll be up for the paper
    So I’m plain now that’s what the chics call me (really??)

    Ghetto reflecting the rainbow
    Roll in the night club oh oh oh oh

    Repeat Chorus

    Repeat 2x

    It’s going down down
    Freak and hit it let me see you bounce
    Freak your body baby turn around eh
    Sexy Cattie let me see you wind oh

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