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    Lyrics: Me (My Epitome) by Rumor feat. Sam Broadway

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 05 August 2011 22:44| 0 Comments
    Me (My Epitome) by Rumor feat. Sam Broadway

    Song: Me (My Epitome)
    Artiste: Rumor feat. Sam Broadway 
    Album: Rumor Has It

    VERSE 1

    I'm in a room full of people yet I feel lonely

    I'm a kid named rumor but yet nobody knows me

    No buddies no homey everybody is ghostly

    Shuffling my thoughts hoping somebody owes me

    No groceries, I'm a hungry boy

    Looking for greener pastures, herbivore

    Nevertheless I didn't mean that for the metaphor

    These painful rhymes I'm pouring out my heavy heart

    I've been there before I still hear 'em

    Voices laughing at my passion when they hear 'em

    Still look above at the stars and leer 'em

    How could I not be closer to my dream when I'm near em

    It's been a few years down the line

    I could tell you, I been patiently waiting to get signed

    The sky is your limit heaven is mine

    Here's the blueprint of the new rap design


    My life(2x)

    I've been longing for this time

    My life(2x)

    I've been waiting for this moment

    To tell you my story

    My ups and downs I've been around

    Now I'm back in full glory

    VERSE 2

    Kicked off 2G9 with a bad disorder

    Got weirder towards the end of the last of the quarters

    When I met a lovely lady a preacher's daughter

    It got a little ugly when her parents discovered

    The relationship said it was best we quit

    That the family's too conservative for rap music

    Maybe I never told her that she was my muse

    And I relish every single moment the rendezvous

    I had fallen so much in love and then you cut me loose

    How could I expect to fall and not get bruised

    It's all good at the end of it all I found Jesus who through you made me a believer

    It's like my lifes a song and you a feature

    Well here it is can you hear it through your speakers

    Now all I have is my pen and my pad I'm in my own class and life is my teacher


    VERSE 3

    Story of my life a bit of it is gross

    Mary Mary said we need a little dirt to grow

    I know I have a lot to be thankful for

    Cos I vividly remember sometime before

    Daddy fell from Grace to grass

    And even though grass is green I tell you ironically we never had cash

    It happened in a flash his business collapsed, how sad

    Me and daddy skipped breakfast and lunch

    So we could eat at night cuz there wasn't much to munch

    To feed that hunger I gotta to be the hunter

    This game's the only thing left to hunt

    And now we're shooting stars, no homicide

    I've come thus far from the other side

    The devil may try hard to pulverize

    But I'm a child of the Lord its bonafide



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