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    Lyrics: Hey Now by Joris Jungly

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 23 October 2011 19:10| 0 Comments

    Song: Hey Now
    Artiste: Joris Jungly

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    Joris Jungly the African Prince

    Shorty what you think

    Yea I got money Mulla Dalla heyyyyyyyyy heynow hey now heynow

    Verse 1

    Hey Now Hey now

    Shorty wanna ride

    Shorty wanna roll, lets roll then……………….Hey now Hey now Hey now

    Spent about a quick 10 gees in tha club just clubbing……Hey now Hey now Hey now

    Told the bartender

    Drinks on me keep pouring……………….Hey now Hey now Hey now

    The way she fill up dem D-cups

    Hot damn she blew my mind…….hot damn she blew my mind

    See I am an African prince

    Ya boi  got dough

    I can make it snow it Timbucktu

    Jungly’s a real live Mandingo

    Mr. International sex symbol

    Mandingo that’s me yo

    Rolls in them Royces and Benzeetos

    Mandingo, that’s me yo zigidindin dahey heyna


    Hey now hey now repeat

    Verse 2

    She was yapping all night long

    And I was on Kush, ……………See man I was on Kush

    Damn, what’s that exit plan?

    Ask Chaney and Bush…………the war’s on Chaney and Bush

    She said we could make love in the V I P

    If you wrap it up like the CDC

    Tatoos on her titties say squeeze gently

    As we got busy she screamed oh Hey now hey

    She came 1st and I came last

    Hey now hey now hey now hey

    Freaky seniorita lick me low

    When she want mo

    Hey now hey

    She want more Mandingo

    Chilli with the cheese like some corn fritos

    Mandigo that’s me yo, I got the world singing


    Hey now hey now hey now hey now hey now


    I see more top-notch crotch than OBGYN

    Hey now hey I

    Jungly’s a prince no reason o pretend hey now hey

    Yea I am a freak

    Yea I am a beast

    I could make a hoodrat speak Chinese

    If I took your girl

    My apologies

    Imma tell you what she told me

    Negro please

    Your stroke is weak

    Weewee look like a reese’s  piece

    22 shoes on my cherry bently

    Mary Mary 2 thick redbones call me

    For the heynow hey hey now repeat

    Outro: Kiss me tell me you love me

    A million girls have tried.

    Abuse me use me control me.

    I love it when you tell me lies hey now hey

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