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    Lyrics: Wish You Never Met Me by Bils Rayoe

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 30 December 2011 17:41| 0 Comments

    Song: Wish You Never Met Me
    Artiste: Bils Rayoe

    Champagne fantasies.. I am bout to live up for the fans could see

    On my feet soo long I don’t grab a seat, no day off

    Man I cant pause, time is my enemy (HA)

    Sweating from my pores need energy

    But the high power is my only energy

    Lord give me a chance they gotta hear me speak

    I cremate rappers, I bury beats

    Journey soo far I could barely see, dream wide awake I barely sleep

    Determination, never terminating, so when I fall down motivation carries me

    In hard times none of y’all encouraged (encaraged)) me

    I tried to pull it off they embarrassed me

    Im on fire now, they don’t care to see …

    But the truth stinks, smell the kerosene

    Get your lighters up, yeah we burn pot

    And if the cc work then we burn the block

    Man I am a hustler, respect it or check it

    And if you check it, I am getting paid I don’t need ur credit

    Im a pragmatic, show you execution

    Stood tall fought trial no allocution

    No snitching man tell it to the prosecution

    Still a dope bwoi, I just use music

    Tough guy rappers, they exude lies……

    Between what they say and do is where the truth lies

    And truth tell no lies you couldn’t fool the wise

    So give it up man let sleeping dogs lie

    Yeah I said it, infact imma say it all

    Play me if you want I play it off

    Its money over distractions we obey the law

    But still a criminal mind.. Bernie Madoff

    Fuck the stereo type like you need muscle

    In the feds all I did was work out the puzzle

    I survived the struggle. Yes No tattoos but a permanent effect when my worrrds touch you

    I am going inn and I am soo hard

    I still spending money from my old job

    U know I get it, it’s a new era and I swear it my time cos I Fit it (FITTED)

    Anyway, more money more expensive problems

    So anywhere you at you gotta learn to solve em

    Flaudging ass rappers im burning all em

    Aint none of y’all safe better wear condoms………..

    and I am prepared to robb em

    Hunger soo loud you could hear me STARVING

    In the end we the only ones standing

    Lay your ass DOWN…… NO planking

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