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    Lyrics: A letter to the West by A Plus feat. Praye Honeho

    by Ghana Music.com Team
    posted Monday, 11 May 2009 10:44| 1 Comments

    Song: A letter to the West

    Artiste: A Plus

    Album: A letter to the West


    Anytime you file your tax inna America (Larry King)
    Anytime you file your tax inna Europa (David Beckham)
    Anytime you file your tax inna Australia (Jeff Fenech)
    Anytime you file your tax inn Asia (Yao Ming)

    Remember that your money can end up in the pocket of some corrupt leader
    Or you money can be that money that is used to buy guns and ammunitions
    To kill women and children in Africa
    Because your government gives it to Africa as aid
    So put pressure on your government to do more to stop
    Oppression, corruption, dictatorship


    Africa, where I wanna be
    Life for be simple as A-B-C-D
    The leaders them a greediness plenty plenty
    E make the whole thing dey look like horror movie
    Africa, where I wanna be
    Life for be simple as A-B-C-D
    The leaders them a greediness plenty plenty
    E make the whole thing dey look like scary movie
    Belly belly full wey dey kill them (2x)
    Them a belly full wey we thirsty
    Wanna be greedy o (2x)

    Now listen, TIA
    This is Africa, this be Africa
    This is Africa, where I wanna be
    This is where you got fruits on trees for free
    And when it rains, you got diamonds on the ground for free
    Sunshine and rain, to grow the seed
    Timber and gold , plenty plenty
    Now we get plenty oil abundantly
    Life for be easy as A-B-C-D
    Prosperity, na this for be the key
    But what do we see? Disease be all we dey see
    HIV, e kill mummy and daddy
    Hungry, we no dey get food to eat
    In this 21st century, some school under trees
    In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty
    Cos we've had leaders like Iddi Amin, Fode Sanko, Charles Taylor and Farrah Ahin
    Can you imagine a man like Jonas Savimbi
    And in Southern Sudan, there is the Janjaweed
    And they terrorize and kill women and babies
    And in Somalia, there has never been peace
    In Liberia, 10 years of brutality
    And in Sierra Leone, you don't wanna know
    The Lord's Resistance Army, oh, it's a pity
    They fight over diamonds and kill people
    Who have never seen the diamonds in their lives before
    They kill pregnant women and they think it's funny
    Abi you hear about the civil war in Rwanda
    Where the Hutus and the Tutsis commit atrocities
    And they display millions of people in Burundi
    After Mobutu Sese Seko and his Zaire
    Then we think the Congo go ever be free
    But Lord Makunda and his army still dey in the trees
    But in Cote d'Ivoire, ebe ethnicity
    You dey destroy this beautiful African country
    How on earth can you have a leader like General Guei
    But for Zimbabwe, ebe Mugabe
    You no go fit be like Mr. Mandela, Mugabe?
    Your people dey hungry and your big belly full
    Ebe vanity upon vanity, Mugabe
    Hey Raila Odinga, Mwai Kibaki
    I hear say you people smoke some peace pipe
    I don't believe, I think you smoke the weed
    Cuz you no dey even care how your people dey feel
    Idriss Deby, would there ever be some peace country in Chad, your beloved country
    Africa dey under siege, there is the need for speed
    I sit back and watch Africa like ebe horror movie
    Nah this be rumble in the jungle, season 23

    Repeat Chorus

    Bridge 2x

    Hrrr heeee hrrrr heee hrrrr
    The leaders them dey scare scare we too much
    Them alone wanna hide hide and chop all
    You no go give we some (2x) (too bad too bad)

    (Africa, fire in Africa, fire in Africa, hunger in Africa loop)
    Stop the war, stop the killings, stop corruption
    Wipe up dictatorship
    We need peace in Africa
    We need schools, we need education
    We need houses, we need peace
    Make this place a better place for us
    For our children, and our children's children
    No more dictatorship, oppression, corruption, Oh, malnutrition
    Oh Lord
    Africa, give us reason to live
    Let's live in Africa
    No more war!

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