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    Lyrics: Wupe Dodo by Yaw Siki

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Saturday, 04 February 2012 11:54| 6 Comments

    Song: Wupe Dodo
    Artiste: Yaw Siki

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    She want am in the morning,

    She want am in the evening

    They use me as her tooth brush always brushing for a reason 2x

    Mic check!

    Kill the beat ki ki ki ki ki kill the beat (wope dodo)

    Spoiling bedsheet

    1st Verse

    Obisa me daa p3 nu daa ooji na manfamanu ah waay3 aka

    Y3nwie mpo na second li pend, ocommandi demandi me nkwanta

    Like me d3nst3m wo nch3nch3n nt3mnt3m nala ooji nu ta

    Obite me fimfim ma me twimtwim maa sin sin kraa matter

    Odi ne bonto shoto visit me na waa crashi me dompo

    She say give it to me yoo, ma ni gumu yoo, ma ni kuko me tis3 katikonto

    For some reason nihu riddim oobom din paa d3 dondo

    Onim hygiene, energizing, osi minkutii ti wunponcho


    Wumame anopa mame ewia mame enyombre (wope dodo) 2x

    I say cool down now baby baby cool down (wope dodo) 2x

    Na wop3 dodo wop3 dodo wop3 dodo (wope dodo) 2x

    P3 dodo p3 dodo dodo dodo (wope dodo)2x

    2nd Verse

    Ibi say e gimme gbentembi to be e gbekebi

    Edey use ma joo-remi high and low like abi Do-rey-mi

    Eii ogbele me bra Loti maay3 odi ha ne peutorico

    Efi mamobi mabody na odisaw ne krokro hin kro

    Me say adey like am, this time adey fight am waafun me beebi

    Me say adey wind am but i rewind am, waay3 abro mid3 echi

    She be naughty so steady ever ready, she go bolingo

    Osi sololoti oloti nd3 de oda wudu oohh


    S3 ogwali bo hu powder, korle bu powder na 3y3 me d3 di

    Na huof3 na odo nti mintumi nka daabi, obo me d3 dwi

    Waashish3 de pompo, olisaw me monko, mi sacki naa onko

    Oli ride me ponko, me weti naa onfor, hw3 yie na yankpo

    Waati nkensei na nimu dede otwitwi me nkro hwin

    Madi dede she dey want plenty, odwi me d3 nsuo hwin

    Na shordi nf3ri, nbua ne sori wube hu na waakutu

    Enya aba ewie maa falli, ewie me b3n hu ah na waa wusu


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