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    Lyrics: GH Freestyle (French Montana Shot Cover) by K Kash

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 13 February 2012 18:37| 0 Comments

    Song: GH Freestyle (French Montana Shot Cover)
    Artiste: K Kash

    Gbeke I go get high like a lion in Zion

    Way I go boose till I go blackout till the next morn

    Wake up the next day and get fucked up more

    Awiase y33 gyie den me I just dey won ball

    Money, cars n hoes shit I won't dem all

    I swear I won them all I won flex snor

    I won am like how Ghana police won bribe

    Like how asanka girls won be bride

    But who go wife am after all the boys pipe

    I guess ebi something way u for fight for right

    So chale I go put in work wit my muscle

    So I got fit hustle till say I go be Russel

    Weight no Mena su

    Ohia mey33 ni tise man u ne kotoko nbasu

    Mekosu tise prayer warriors npyiebor nu me bor su

    Cuz won meals I no dey talk McDonald's

    I dey talk gwap I won pop bottles with bad models

    Meni abere my eye red tise suwoo

    Joe Me hywe na nbaa anhwa megyi juju

    Ye se men tu mebu

    Na ebe duru me su

    Ama na bru me su

    Wu'ua na daben Eii line yie wa dudu

    Shit mix blue n yellow to see greens

    I for flex abi Accra boy e dey in ma gens

    Refuse to be broke I got payday dreams

    I won mess with chick way em rate dem in tens

    I for make it rain like azim

    No more troski I for ball in the benz

    I won't rock like Kirk cobain

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