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    Lyrics: A Gunshot Inna Ur Bloodclat freestyle by Biggs

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 22 February 2012 18:55| 8 Comments

    Song: A Gunshot Inna Ur Bloodclat
    Artiste: Biggs

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    Hello yeah osass,whod up man?oh charley i they ooo....you hear of this guy?

    How u they call am uhhh" BIGGS...then my friend be they talk but I didn't really hear him..ok he get some small joint for here make u listen ok


    They say money makes the world go around

    So I cap me a Bentley and Lamborghini

    Girls on the beach rockin bikinis tweeting texting getting good treats

    Freaks ask me daddy u wanna be ma pimp

    Hell no girl am just tryna get freaky

    Now u wanna diss me lik am ur side mirror

    I spit fire on the sidewalk pop a doggy and I still get money

    No lie I can be ur savior

    Fr3 mi wagyinkwa

    Kwahu nii akwadaa

    Yeah I get cafa

    U know say it be me be the real top shotta

    Bro Aden wahy3da.so much cash call me young Billie

    Fresh to death

    Chale osass na wuhunu s3i?he no finish yet just listen...am listening

    Hahahahahaha i got money power and respect ...


    You lames, tryna get the fame..no aim

    I was gone but am back in the game

    The lyricist,I got more lines than a referee

    Not a player but I ball harder

    Blow ells up lik the chymny

    Akwadaa k)t) 3ni y3wabaa

    Go sit down aaa wusi bloodclat

    Minkasa cuz I know u whack

    I cum around like blah blah

    Chale these fools ain't ready for this

    When it comes down to this n*****s this is how I do it


    Bust a gun inna your bloodclat..3x



    Bust a gun inna ur bloodclat ...3xxx..HATER...3xxxx

    Am the best recognize dogg

    The maddest the illest among these killaz..ma flow is the sickest...punchlines flow lik bullets

    Straight thru haters..yeah backstabbers..any nigga fake is déjà vu

    Hw3 s33 midi k)k)) Adani wu tumtum

    Blah got ur mouth wide

    Babylon go fall me I go rise

    God blessed me with rap so I just spit it out

    They say I leave reckless,but I make hit records

    Kw3 mingyi manky3,move back hey yas33..king of kings ..biggs (the lyricist)

    Chale this n*****s can't mess with me man...you feel me ? BIGGS on tha beat

    Osass who'd up?

    Holla at your boy...you already know


    This is how we do it X. Family

    You digg?

    Charley osass what you think about my boy

    That boy got swagg

    Yeah u can check him out on facebook @ P Biggs asare..follow him on twitter @pbiggsgh

    Charley my credit is almost done,I will hit u back...hello boy 3x

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