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    Lyrics: I Made It by Biggs

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 22 February 2012 19:46| 0 Comments

    Song: I Made It
    Artiste: Biggs

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    After all is said and done

    Let's just come and go, but it's worth to say I made it

    I made it...8x

    VERSE 1

    It was a hard knock, but I still made it

    My kids got to eat, so I keep hustling

    Am blessed so I keep it moving

    Money ain't ish, my family means the world to me

    Don't gotta hit the lotto

    But u soon see me driving in a brand new Volvo

    Signing big deals, getting big meals

    Who jah bless, no one curse

    Imma save my breath and let God do the rest

    Am not all that perfect, but check this I made it

    God in control am gonna make it

    You like it or not, when you see me salute me


    After all is said and done

    Let's just come and go

    But it's worth to say I made it

    I made it...8x

    VERSE 2

    Huh, It was all said and done that am gonna make it

    Haha I made it, they love to see me ashy

    But am still swagging

    The benjis keep cuming,grants still popping

    Homey I know you watching

    Why won't you stop hating? You ain't getting no shine, boy you phony

    Ask about me, I been hustling since the early 90's

    It's my time be easy

    You don't know what I been through, all these crazy folks I had to get through

    I need a breakthrough every time I hit the booth

    Everything I spit is the truth

    Am smooth with it

    Who you? you taught I was good for nothing?

    Now tell me me who the fool is, salute me

    Haters wanna criticize take what's mines, am still not giving up

    Give me your best shot homey imma swallow that

    Tit for tat, got my bread stacked up like the black frank white

    Am iced out, y'all played out so layback

    The next time u gonna see me in my maybach, am on a cyphe

    Yeah, that's a payback

    Haha, yeah this is real life right here

    You know what am saying? In life sometimes, you stumble but God is able

    You always gonna keep it moving

    Believe it or not I MADE IT


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