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    Lyrics: Hood To Hollywood by Biggs

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 23 February 2012 09:56| 0 Comments

    Song: Hood To Hollywood
    Artiste: Biggs

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    Yo Biggs murder this beat for me

    Biggs (The lyricist)

    Yes, as I walk through the valley, I will fear no evil, am a disciple and I know he is able

    This is dedicated to my love ones out there

    I was born in the hood, raised in the hood yeah I do it it all I do it for my hood

    I ain't never had what u have but am good

    Been thru hell man, I can write a book

    When we was we where was you? Tell me where u stand @

    It's a cold world you got to man up

    Keep your head, step your game, get a hustle ,stay away from trouble and watch the profit double

    In everything you do, put God1st

    Tell the haters to step aside, we taking over

    Now let's get back to business

    1 shot for the master, 2 shot for the bangers

    Am a monster, man u sacrificial

    Everything I put on the streets is official...bang bang ,who that?

    Yeah man chew that

    I don't kiss a**, they don't like me I don't like em either

    You sound like a tutor

    Get a life,you should have left me alone am sky high

    Am in a zone getting doe

    It's a cold world so I keep my burner close

    Change flow, you evil imma weigh you like coke

    Before I go broke imma sling dope

    You know how am feeling man

    Bring the heat cuz u know, I ain't weak man

    Make u saby the deal, say my God is real

    So no evil can stop me nor break me

    Am the God son, yeah am the 1

    They hating, but am still grinding

    Haters is my motivation

    If rap was a job then I can never resign

    Put my life on the line along with my rhymes

    It's your boy...BIGGS(the lyricist)

    You already know

    Yeah  sometimes in life ,you sit and u feel empty,but don't give up

    Just know God is on your side ,no matter your situation,you stay focus and forget the rest

    They say you believe,you  archive

    So if you with me lets go get it

    You feel me?

    BIGGS (the lyricist).]..hahahahahaha

    X. Family

    KING 1

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