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    Lyrics: Supernatural by Celestine Donkor

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 01 March 2012 13:24| 1 Comments

    Song: Supernatural
    Artiste: Celestine Donkor
    Album: Supernatural

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    Axum kele azum (4×)

    Oleeheee  olehee ooo oleeheeyeee won yo

    This is my year (2×)

    Of supernatural, I will operate in the realm above the natural;

    You will operate above the natural world

    Miracles, signs and wonders’

    Shall become a day to day occurrence

    In this year the spirit of God will move mightily upon me

    Oh yeh! Disgrace and disappointment shall be far from meThis is my year… of supernatural

    Hmm! The faithful God who cannot lie is my portion

    And all his promises to me are yes and amen

    Yes he hears my prayers, yes he heals all my disease prospers the work of my hands – my hands

    I’m a heir of God – and joint heir with Christ, I’m redeemed from the curse; blessed beyond measure – measure


    Faithful is Jehovah he never, never fails (2×)

    He never fails

    Oleeheee olehee ooo oleeheeyeee won yo (3x)


    Enye la mawu vi ye me nye

    Yata nye ma tehu azu futo la fa tsidudu

    Wasto ahede numo

    Waha dum kpo, adum kpo  hooohooo

    Mezu ablodevi, enye ta wo kla Yesu le atsitsoga gyi be  makpo agbe mavo yide mavo me 2×

    Oh yeh! Disgrace and disappointment shall be far from meThis is my year… of supernatural

    This is my year eeeeeheeeee

    And this maaa yeaeeer eheheh

    My days on the earth are like the days of the heavens

    In the name of Jesus, I’m lead by the spirit

    I’m surrounded with miracles, anointed for grater works

    This is the day of new mercy for me eeeeee

    I receive it, I have it, right now in the name of Jesus (4x)

    Amen (4x)

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