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    Lyrics: Steady Rockin by YunGhana feat. Edi Young

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 16 March 2012 16:34| 0 Comments

    Song: Steady Rockin
    Artiste: YunGhana feat. Edi Young

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    GH! Stand up! Naija Stand up!

    Steady Roc is in the building!


    VERSE 1

    YunGhana is back with another banger - Word on the street

    Mo ma me kwan i no be stranger, steady rockin' to the beat

    Unshakable Rock of Gibraltar, epileptic saf no go fit

    No frontin, I'm back again chale feels like the track dey skip

    Wei nko ma sheshewowo, club rockers, azonto ne big time ballers

    Moa mo bally bally in taxis ne moa motitii trotro drivers

    And to the haters, who hate us

    They got more time than lifers. Them hypocrites and vipers

    Them want knife us. Them go die first



    Everything we do we dey do um big

    I pop my bottles in the air 'cause I'm living my dream

    Now everyday we be rockin (steady)... we be rockin (steady)... we be rockin (steady)... we be rockin (steady)

    Everywhere I go they say you been away

    I just say Omo men i been chasing the pay

    Now everyday we be rockin (steady)... we be rockin (steady)... we be rockin (steady)... we be rockin (steady).. we rockin yea

    VERSE 2

    YunGhana dey rap like he's programmed

    Too many bars, histogram

    As a hustler he stole grams

    Paid his dues now bestow Grammy

    We from the ghetto they call Harlem

    From the get-go, we dey run them

    I be trouble, like a goblin

    Like Paedae i be problem

    When you lie i be evidence

    Chale make you no try, you try i be consequence

    You think sey you be fly, we be turbulence

    Yea, you guys be fly we be turbulence

    You no dey see me wear my condolence

    [Repeat Hook]

    VERSE 3

    Okay they couldn't stop me now my progress on fast forward

    I guess I'm just blessed i didn't pray or fast for it

    I'm all around the globe I don't need no passport

    You want know my secret? I won't tell go ask God

    You're now rocking with the bestest

    Mmaa no tumi y3 ahushish3 tis3 tetris

    I just dey carry boys dey call me forklift

    Joo, y3 no y3 bally no be testes

    Don't try you no fit test us

    [Repeat hook till fade]

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