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    Lyrics: Lesbobo by Dadie Opanka

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 02 January 2012 15:18| 2 Comments

    Song: Lesbobo
    Artiste: Dadie Opanka

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    Tie MA

    The beat arsonist, fire


    Wo si ni  p?aa h?si h? pini  3x

    H?si h? pini   2x

    Wo se ni ha h?si h) pini   3x

    H?si h? pini   2x

    S?na h?y? lesbobo, lesbobo

    Shodi nuy? lesbobo, lesbobo

    H?y? lesbobo, lesbobo   3x

    Shodi nuy? lesbobo, lesbobo

    H?y? lesbobo, lesbobo    2x

    VERSE  1

    Mi hyia nu first day through chilling

    H?na misi hi h?si  hey what dey happpen

    Misi wo y? nice h?si thanks am blushing

    Mi number niye gyi please no flashing

    The next day mi tswa nu star call

    Mini nu kasaa fine until she start bore

    Na misi hey what be the matter

    B?ni bi na may? woaa fa ky? na ye kasa

    S?na h? min nia h?? y? she is pretending

    Everything with beginning suw? ending

    Nti mi tuu mibu without offending

    Hei midi mi plans yi naa tuu pending

    Afiyi h? baa mi fie na h?y? mi chance

    M?n loosu guard mini nu play romance

    But h?si miny? remote na ma turny nu on

    Min tuni drivy nu crazy cos h? ny? Yutong


    S?na h?y? lesbobo,lesbobobobo

    Shodi nuy3 lesbobo,lesbobobobo

    H?y? lesbobo,lesbobobobo    2x

    H?y? lesbobo,lesbobo

    Shodi nuy? lesbobo,lesbobo

    H?y? lesbobo, lesbobo 2x

    H?di ni matches as? mi fire 2X

    Ama mi temperature ak? higher

    H?si h? pini     4x



    VERSE 2

    Girl mu p? skirt  daa h? sh? nika

    H?ni mb??ma b? ball  hwu kaa h? b?  jiga

    Ni nim su y? shi sii legend of the seeker

    Wo nim na wo try nua wo b? ti wo piiga

    Wa lighty ma kyi ama ma heaty

    Min k? down h? ,h?si no min fity

    Mi di? y? stick h? p3 ow di ha treaty

    M?n suspecty still cos h?y? pretty

    Ma daada nu ma ma full plot

    Ma ky3 nu Louis Vuitton belt ni huck belt

    Sena h?b?  ti asiy? ama m? kywa nu two shots

    Still that night the girl give me blue ball

    H?h? nti mi hu nu  same night with some girls

    One girl kiss the other one move

    Na misi what dey go on h? si what else

    l don't do boys i only do girls

    Ha wrem tie.....biem ha

    It's T.E.M.A

    Microphone abuser MA

    The beat arsonist fire, congratulation

    The fresh boys in the building 123


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