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    Lyrics: Wone Doe by Biggs

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 04 April 2012 19:07| 0 Comments

    Song: Wone Doe
    Artiste: Biggs

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    You know

    Cash 2 and Ray


    I get money to spend, I no be greedy am just tryna live fair

    3n3 wise mu WUNI doe, WUNI girl


    WUNI doe WUNI girl...yes 3x

    Wuni doe, wuni girl..3banusaa sua K naway3 l3m


    I refuse to be broke

    3n3 wiase bebia y3 doe..whaaaaat?

    Chale dogg ur flow, you broke dea then it mean say u be joke


    Hw3 me doe in me flow..3banu critical, you know say I be dope..whaatttt

    All the chicks like whow..then know say my doe they just they flow

    S3 me holla w)si yes, wu holla w)si no....why?

    Cuz u broke..DAMN..mey3 bigshot so I no they drive

    I just layback in my ride,popping gold bottles with the top models

    Make you recognize..Man am back on my ish

    Step in the club errbody  like this....ahhhhhh errbody like this

    What errbody like this...ugh


    I get money to spend,I no be greedy am just tryna live fair

    N3 wise mu WUNI doe ,WUNI girl. 3333h

    WUNI doe WUNI girl...yes 3x

    They say money makes the world go around

    Chale wuni doe aaa wuy3 clown

    Gh I run this town..what it do?

    Yo bring that crown

    Ino be money make u no talk chaw

    No Gucci nor fendi

    But mi swag nuy3 high definition

    Welcome to my jungle

    All you smell is benjis, grants, fifthies, twenties strapped

    In my crib, all you smell is cash..miw) sika s33 3buro no

    I hate to be broke

    Chale miw) doe..what what

    Chale Miw) doe

    Chale chale chale miw) doe

    What what what miw) doe


    I get money to spend,I no be greedy am just tryna live fair

    3n3 wise mu WUNI doe ,WUNI girl. 3333h

    WUNI doe WUNI girl...yes  3x

    BIGGS (The lyricist)

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