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    Lyrics: 6 Foot 7 Foot by Moxkito

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 01 April 2012 19:29| 0 Comments

    Song: 6 Foot 7 Foot
    Artiste: Moxkito

    I be slow by sure, speed by spray

    I be too much blessing like a fasting for seven days

    Too hot on the mic and powerful on stage

    If you want see more wunua eya bra fiee

    Talking for a while ridee dea let go

    Attacking so hard ma ye se eto

    Mi flow ti se meko no tomato

    Mi flow ti se berma nkwan nkantikonto

    Am poor in failure rich in success

    Wo rap eye gay enti all bor pampers

    Moxkito so incredible

    Moxkito so unbeatable

    Journey so far I dey see through the telescope

    But you gonna shock is gonna happen like a miracle

    Sitting in the V.I.P chair me twa me nan ato so

    Rocking with the gang then

    Chilling with ma peeps men

    Spending the money how many times anyhow i feel men

    Show inside Houston upgrading my music

    They say i dey rush but my true fans they feel me passsssssssssss....start......sssssssss

    Mohye mi ye oo efise mi ye hero

    Me rap eye ball aka mi ye fre me figo

    Them dey play my tracks aphrodisiac to afkiko

    Looking beautiful like the girls from mexico

    Moxkito Moxkito Moxkito Moxkito ski ski to

    Fighting for the billion, you fighting for the zero

    Mi life aye de ti se chocolate and milko

    I dey bounce in your ears echo

    Shouts to Yaa Pono, Obidii and Agya Koo

    You people dey talk so mo bon ti se pluto

    Mo bon ti se preko, oo wo nim preko

    Enam na ye ton wor kwan ho anemere biaa ene meko

    Do what you do but still I be the don

    You be china boy Togo jeans wey you dey don

    You be china boy Togo jeans wey you dey don

    The shit you dey flow challie see you for shon

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