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    Lyrics: Ator Mi Line by Buk Bak

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 17 April 2012 19:18| 0 Comments

    Song: Ator Me Line
    Artiste: Buk Bak

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    3y3 me di3

    BUK BAK 3y3 me di3

    3y3 me di3


    Me se ator me line bad bad

    I never think say I go get

    But ator me line bad bad

    She be my Chorkor Beyonce

    Me se ator me line bad bad never think say I go get

    But ator me line

    Ator me line (3x)

    Bright Verse

    E no be my father be your father

    But you say you no go gree

    But since I come so further,

    Now you dey see say I dey be

    Now I dey be...(6x)

    Now I dey be for you my baby

    Now I dey want make you follow me go

    Follow me to my own ghetto

    Follow me make I loose control

    Follow me o my baby o

    Now I dey want make you follow me go

    Follow me to my ghetto o

    Follow me make I loose control

    Follow me, ma no ntor me line

    Repeat chorus

    Bright rap

    Me de me dor ama wo, ma y3 s3 John John

    Fa wo di3 ma me ma y3n sh3 Sean John

    Double 0 seven (7) odor s3 James Bond

    M3 ma wa sre s3 Jerry and Tom

    Feele makoma, 3bom s3 bass drum

    Fa wo it b3 to so, my body dey jom

    Diesel body, 3maa no want some

    Tswa me no s3 brodo a y3 ton no Nsawam

    Me nforce wo an w3 blow s3 alarm

    3b3 y3 d3, 3b3 y3 nyono, I mean you no harm

    Me kasa y3 borkor, me ne nso y3 calm

    Me sere3 ato w3 ni so am w3 feele me charm

    Ma Koma engine k3se3 s3 Dodge Ram

    Me shwey egu wo so s3 Akosombo dam

    Ma Obie 3bisa wo s3

    Akowa yi 'mbor dam (2X)

    Repeat chorus

    Ronnie ragga:

    She a me only one and me cant never leave her

    Rock me with a big back, me a feel her

    Me put her pon a bed ride, me a squeeze her

    Squeeze her, Mia am, balam, Salam... (2x)

    Feel wele s3b3 Kontomire,

    Wele s3b3 shaa min ha me, (2x)

    Shaa me ha me (4x)

    Chorus intro lyrics to fade

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